It’s safe to say that Olivia Frazer didn’t make the best impression on viewers when she went to visit her husband Jackson Lonie‘s friends during the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 homestays.

The 27-year-old made the effort to gloat about the infamous bridesmaid dress incident and admitted that she “still holds grudges against girls from preschool”.

MAFS 2022 Jackson and Olivia home stays
Married at First Sight Australia
During her MAFS homestay at Jackson’s house, Olivia gloated that she “holds grudges”. Source: Nine.

From what we saw on-screen, Jackson’s housemates appeared to be wildly uncomfortable with his bride’s admissions. However, one of his friends, Molly, has come to Olivia’s defence, claiming that MAFS producers edited out a sh*t-tonne of non-awkward moments.

Taking to Facebook to back Olivia, Molly revealed that the segment was “highly edit[ed],” as were her own “responses and actions”. Meddling MAFS producers toying with the edit? Shock horror!

“I like Olivia, have for months since I met her,” she wrote online. “She is lovely and I get along with her.”

She continued: “[I] Just wouldn’t believe everything on the show.”

MAFS 2022 Jackson and Olivia
Married at First Sight Australia
Jackson’s friend Molly has defended his MAFS bride Olivia on Facebook. Source: Supplied

Jackson’s Friend Clarified That Olivia IS NOT a Dog-Hater

When Olivia visited Jackson’s humble abode, MAFS fans were horrified by the bride’s aversion to his dogs.

TBF, the groom’s staffy was walking over her white dress whilst she was holding a drink… We can’t blame her for trying to save the Savvy B.

Still, viewers jumped to condemn the student-teacher online, with many maintaining that her dislike for Jackson’s dog spoke directly to her character. Wild.

In her Facebook confession, Molly confirmed that Olivia is not the dog-hater MAFS producers painted her out to be.

“She loves her dogs,” she asserted. “Her face was because they had muddy paws and we hadn’t had time to dry them off.”

Molly Revealed Some Telling Information About Jackson and Olivia’s Post-MAFS Relationship Status

Given Jackson and Olivia have had a few hiccups during recent MAFS episodes, everyone has been wondering if the couple managed to keep it together and make it work IRL.

Welp, Jackson’s friend, Molly, has confirmed that yes, they have.

“If Jackson didn’t like her he would have left a long time ago,” she said, adding: “They are still together and well a part of our friendship group.” Jeez, spoiler alert!

In regards to that beef between Olivia and Domenica Calarco, Molly confessed that she was disheartened that so many people had taken the Italian brides’ side.

“I feel like a lost cause with most on Team Dom,” she conceded. “And if that was all the show had made it out to be he wouldn’t have moved to Sydney to live with her!”

TLDR: Don’t trust the MAFS producers or anything you see on “reality” TV.

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