Married at First Sight Australia 2022 descended into chaos on Sunday night when Carolina Santos crashed the Commitment Ceremony hand-in-hand with her bae Daniel Holmes.

The pair’s joint arrival came as a shock to Carolina’s fake TV husband Dion Giannarelli, as well as the rest of the MAFS cast, who all proceeded to storm out of the room.

However, we have watched the footage back and it appears as though one MAFS couple did not partake in the mass walkout!

mafs daniel and carolina
Daniel and Carolina rocked up to the MAFS Commitment Ceremony uninvited and incited a mass walkout. Source: Nine

That’s right folks, as the other couples hauled ass out of the vicinity as fast as they could, Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie opted to keep their bums planted firmly on the Commitment Ceremony couches.

Their show of solidarity for the MAFS cheaters is not all surprising.

Olivia and Carolina formed an alliance during their beef with fellow bride Domenica Calarco the week prior.

MAFS Olivia and Jackson
Olivia and Jackson were the only couple who did not walk out of the explosive MAFS Commitment Ceremony. Source: Nine

What Happened at Sunday Night’s MAFS Commitment Ceremony?

The sixth commitment ceremony of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 was surely one for the books.

2022 MAFS intruders Carolina and Daniel rocked up (uninvited) to the event, and sh*t hit the fan pretty quickly.

Carolina’s assigned husband Dion was shaken, and the rest of the MAFS cast jumped to his defence.

For whatever reason (*cough* the drama *cough*) the MAFS experts allowed Daniel and Carolina a chance to explain themselves.

The pair revealed their affair and appealed to the couch jury, asking to re-enter the experiment as a new couple.

Everyone said hell the f*ck no.

MAFS 2022 Commitment Ceremony walk out
The majority of the MAFS cast walked out of Sunday night’s Commitment Ceremony. Source: Nine

Dion declared he had “seen enough for one day,” and proceeded to walk out of the room. This was followed by a mass exodus from the rest of the MAFS couples – except for Oliva and Jackson.

After everyone cooled down and returned to the Commitment Ceremony, the MAFS experts declined Carolina and Daniel’s outrageous request – thank GAWD!

Why Did Olivia and Jackson Choose Not To Walk Out Of the MAFS Commitmebnt Ceremony?

It has BEEN known that Olivia has a penchant for making questionable decisions.

Previously, at the MAFS Couples Retreat Domenica had a small spat with Carolina and the student-teacher took the opportunity to go head to head with the Italian bride.

MAFS Domenica
Olivia supported Carolina during a heated argument with Domenica at the MAFS Couples Retreat. Source: Nine

Domenica lost her cool and smashed a glass on the table – which she apologised for – but Olivia was unable to let it go and continued to escalate the drama.

Olivia continued to back Carolina in the days preceding their tiff. Her beef with Domenica continued into the now-infamous Commitment Ceremony.

Accordingly, it makes sense that she would stand in solidarity with Carolina when the rest of the group decided that she was being a raging a-hole.

And Jackson? Well, happy wife = happy life, no?

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