Married at First Sight Australia‘s resident bébé Al Perkins quickly emerged as a fan favourite throughout the 2022 season of the show.

The 25-year-old shoey enthusiast has been the breath of fresh, wholesome air that we all needed amongst the tension and drama of the experiment this year.

And now, as the lovable larikin’s relationship with Samantha Moitzi – and accordingly, his time on the show – comes to an end, we have been reminded again that Al truly is a MAFS king and deserves to be recognised as such.

Al MAFS 2022
Al Perkins quickly became a fan favourite on Married at First Sight Australia 2022. Source: Nine

So, scroll on, because we are counting down all of the reasons we are absolutely obsessed with MAFS‘ Al (and why you should be too).

Al Perkins Did the Worm at His Wedding

From the very start of Married at First Sight Australia 2022, it was evident that Al was an icon in the making.

The tradie made it clear from the words “I do” that he is a ~fun guy~. We are seriously pissed we weren’t invited to he and Samantha’s wedding because, by the looks of it, Al knows how to par-tay.

The groom even took the ceremony as a chance to bust out his best dance move: the worm.

Al perkins MAFS worm
Al Perkins did a shoey at his MAFS wedding. Source: Nine

Samantha may have died inside a little bit watching her “mature and ambitious groom” wiggle around on the floor, but we were so here for it.

Bless him.

Al Does a Shoey: Take 1

The first dinner party of MAFS 2022 was tense AF. In case you forgot (like you could ever forget), it was the one where Selin Mengu and Anthony Cincotta came in separately and… chaos ensued.

Not to fear though, Al was there to save the day!

The young groom knew EXACTLY what was needed to lift the spirits of the group.

Al Perkins MAFS shoey
Al saved the first dinner party of MAFS 2022 by doing a shoey. Iconic. Source: Nine

Much to his bride’s disapproval, Al announced that it was time for “a shoey”. He is an Aussie icon in the making, we are telling you.

He proceeded to drop a knee and scull his beer from the foot accessory. If nothing else, he certainly succeeded in gearing the groups’ conversations away from Anthony and Selin.

Al pretty much proved that a shoey can, in fact, save a marriage. After this dinner party, he and Samantha (finally) started making progress and Anthony and Selin attempted to patch things up. Wow, the power of an Aussie tradition, eh?

Al tried to comfort Holly Greenstein at the Dinner Party

Look, after the first MAFS 2022 dinner party we thought “it can’t get worse than this, right?” WRONG!

The second dinner party was even more awkward, with Holly Greenstein and Andrew Davis‘ relationship coming to an explosive head.

Lucky for us, Al saved the day. Again.

Al Perkins and Holly greenstein
Al made the effort to comfort Holly at the MAFS dinner party because he thought she looked “uncomfortable”. Source: Nine

Al went full Al and broke the tension by knocking a whole glass of wine over. We don’t like to see wine go to waste, but it was necessary here.

THEN, he made our hearts melt after he asked to take Holly to the side. He said he loved Holly and hated that she seemed uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for Al, the conversation took a turn into the territory of “weird fever dream” when Holly started giving him sex advice whilst gyrating into the abyss.

Despite the weird, slightly raunchy outcome, Al had the purest of intentions when it came to helping Holly. What a king.

Al “Consumicated” His Marriage With Samantha Moitzi

Al and Samantha got off to a rough start in the experiment, to say the least. Samantha wasn’t vibing Al on an *intimate* level. It took a push from MAFS expert Alessandra Rampolla during intimacy week for the pair to even have a cheeky peck.

However, after the peck everything snowballed pretty fast because less than a week later the pair had made it, um, official.

Married at First Sight Al and Samantha
Al revealed he had “consumicated” his marriage with Samantha Moitzi on MAFS. Source: Nine

“We had sex,” a giddy Al revealed to the camera during the MAFS episode on February 24th, 2022.

At the preceding dinner party, he revealed to his boiz (with emphasis on the “z”), that he had “consumicated” his marriage with Samantha. The boiz died, we died, everyone died because Al is just too cute.

Al Does a Shoey: Take 2 (the “INITIAAAATIOOON” Shoey)

Dear Al could never be satisfied with just one shoey for the MAFS season.

Whilst we were busy being thirsty for Al, Al was thirsty for a beer!

Al Perkins shoey
Al did (another) shoey at the third dinner party of the MAFS season. Source: Nine

At the third dinner party of the season, the groom welcomed the six intruders by yelling “INITIATION!!!!!!!!” and forcing a shoey into the hands of Matt Ridley.

Matt actually obliged and Al looked chummy AF. Once again, Al saved the day because that dinner party made for rough watching otherwise.

Al Perkins Jumped In a Swamp at the MAFS Couples Retreat

The Married at First Sight Australia 2022 Couples Retreat was hectic AF. So hectic, however, that we missed out bébé Al jumping into a swamp.

He provided a break from the drama (as per usual) by yeeting himself into a manky pond on the Couples Retreat property.

MAFS 2022 Al couples retreat
Al Perkins jumped into a swamp at the MAFS Couples Retreat.

Once again, Samantha was less than impressed. Still, we got to see Al prance around with his abs out so it’s a win in our books. Lol.

MAFS‘ Al Has the Best Reactions to Literally Everything

Throughout the course of MAFS 2022, it would have been possible to gauge WTF was going on solely through Al’s facial expressions.

The groom’s reactions to pretty much everything summed up how all of us at home were feeling. Like, constantly!

Al Perkins Has the Most Iconic MAFS 2022 Audition Tape

Before he even entered the experiment, Al was a MAFS icon in the making.

Al’s Married at First Sight audition tape is, essentially, an explanation of how he “pulls chicks”.

His masterclass for “pulling” said “chicks” is extremely complex and based on scientific research (not) so take notes:

Al MAFS 2022
Al’s MAFS audition tape is his masterclass in “pulling chicks”. Source: Nine

Firstly, if the groom spots a cute girl his initial action is to get her alone and away from her friends.

Then, it’s time to “butter her up” and deliver his number one pick up move.

“Even if her eyes are ugly, compliment her eyes,” Al advised. Stop, I’m dead.

Next, he stops the lucky lady mid-sentence to tell her how beautiful she is.

We feel like if anyone else did that it would be kind of rude, but it’s Al, so we can’t be mad.

Despite his wild AF plan, Al still remains totally wholesome.

Al Perkin’s Has the BEST Instagram Captions Of the MAFS 2022 Cast

This season of Married at First Sight has gifted us with some entertaining AF Instagram commentary from the contestants. However, no one’s Instagram captions compare to that of our man Al.

The groom is hilarious and ofc that shows through his social media.

To summarise (just a few) of the best, Al has written:

  • “Walking on sand is better than walking on eggshells,” under a beach snap of himself and Samanatha.
  • “Didn’t know we were dressing up for the Hunger Games,” alongside a pic of himself next to Sam wearing a bright orange dress and matching eye makeup.
  • “When the ludes kick in,” to accompany a picture of him doing the worm… classic.
  • And, “Wine is cheaper than therapy”. Vibes.

Al Really Tried to Make His MAFS Marriage Work

Admittedly, Al and Sam may have been hideously mismatched on MAFS 2022. However, our fave groom gave the experiment his absolute all and really tried to make it work with Samantha.

The couple had a veeery bumpy ride, but as we saw during he and Sam’s final date during Homestay’s week, Al’s intentions were always pure AF.

Ultimately, it was pretty obvious Al had feelings for his bride and did not want to tap out of the experiment so close to the end.

Alas, he (finally) managed to read Samantha and wrote “leave” as he knew it was what she wanted.

Welp, given that he and Sam didn’t work out… line up, ladies!

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