Samantha Moitzi may have been hideously mismatched with Al Perkins on Married at First Sight Australia 2022, but this isn’t the first time she has been let down in a relationship.

In fact, the Queenslander’s ex-boyfriend of seven years did her completely dirty and cheated on her! Al’s shoey’s are nothing in comparison to that.

In her MAFS audition, Samantha revealed the shattering way in which she found out about her ex’s escapades.

Married at first sight australia 2022 sam and al
Samantha has been matched with Al on MAFS, despite the pair having little in common. Source: Nine.

In Her MAFS Audition, Sam Reveals How She Found Out She Was Being Cheated On

The stunning bride, who was with her now-ex from the ages of 18-25, revealed that she thought he was her forever man.

“We lived together. I thought he was the love of my life. I thought we were going to get married,” Samantha revealed in her MAFS audition.

However, their relationship crumbled after the bride found out she had been two-timed.

“A girl messaged me on Instagram,” she said.

Initially, the stylist thought it was “a joke,” because the account she received the message from had “like no followers and she was someone random. It was just super weird.”

But then the girl came through with the receipts.

“She sent me screenshots,” the Gold Coast local revealed.

“My heart dropped into my stomach. I didn’t know what to do – I was just shaking and sweating.”

Heartbreaking stuff TBH.

However, Samantha hasn’t let her affect her long-term. The bride joked that the incident occurred a few years ago, and she is “clearly doing well” now.

Yep, so well that she signed her life away to MAFS!

Samantha also revealed that she doesn’t let her past relationship experience cloud her judgement when it comes to new guys.

“I refuse to be insecure. I’m not going to question who you are with,” she said. We stan a secure queen!

MAFS 2022 Samantha
Sam revealed that she tried not to let being cheated on influence her trust in relationships. Source: Nine.

Samantha Moitzi Reveals Her Hopes For the Experiment In Her MAFS Audition

After having her heart broken, Samantha saw the experiment as a means to put herself back out there.

She revealed in her MAFS audition that she does, however, have some expectations and she can “get bored quite easily”.

Welp, good for her she got paired with Al! Our resident MAFS bébé is literally the LEAST boring man(child) on the planet.

Sam MAFS 2022 audition tape
Sam revealed in her MAFS audition that chemistry is non-negotiable when it comes to a relationship. Source: Nine.

She also revealed that she thinks she is “a catch,” but joked: “Maybe I need the experts to take me down a couple of pegs.”

The 27-year-old admitted that she is “kind of surprised” that “she can’t find anyone” that she wants to date.

There have been people interested in her (how could they not be) but she “feels nothing”.

“Chemistry is so important. That is a non-negotiable.” she added.

So, Sam NEEDS a ‘fire in ya belly’ type of connection… meanwhile, the only chemistry Al understands is what happens when you pour a beer into a manky shoe.

This pairing has to be one of the most questionable of the 2022 MAFS season – which is really saying something.

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