Brand new bride Samantha Moitzi may have opened up to hubby Al Perkins during their wedding on Married at First Sight, but she was hiding a BIG secret from the cameras.

Given her wedding dress was floor-length (and drop-dead gorgeous), you never would have known that Samantha actually has a sizable tattoo on her stomach.

Samanatha Al MAFS
During their MAFS wedding, Samantha opened up about her relationship history to ‘hubby’ Al. Source: Nine

The 27-year-old has “delicate” inked across her torso in a large, tough-looking font.

The tatt is undoubtedly a nod to Sam’s personality – she may look tough on the outside, but in reality, is actually super sensitive.

The word choice makes total sense after Sam opened up about her relationship history during her wedding on Married at First Sight.

Samantha revealed that she was with her former partner for seven years and had been convinced he was the ever-elusive one.

However, the man didn’t know just how good he had it and cheated on her – WTAF?

Naturally, the fashion brand manager was left devastated, and dare we say, feeling a little delicate.

The text appears to be a relatively recent addition to Sam’s collection of ink, first appearing on her Instagram in a post a little under a year ago (where she also showed off the most impressive abs we have ever seen).

Samantha Moitzi Has Quite an Impressive Tattoo Collection

In addition to her “delicate” ink, Sam has a number of other gorgeous tattoos.

Notably, she has a geometric flower piece on her inner forearm, as well as the word “balance”.

Ever the bad gal, Sam also has a tattoo on her middle finger and another reading “GRL PWR”.

If the feminist tatt wasn’t enough to anoint Sam a GRL PWR icon, telling Al that she thinks “all men are trash” at their wedding certainly does.

All hail our new MAFS queen.

Eagle-eyed MAFS fans would also have spotted a linework tiger (which we hope didn’t scare poor bébé Al) printed on the bride’s forearm.

What Else Do We Know About MAFS Bride Samantha Moitzi?

Whilst Samantha’s tattoos are super cool, they are not the most impressive thing about her.

As covered in episode 142 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the Queenslander is a total boss. She is a fashion brand manager, heading up fashion label Silk Leppard.

Along with a healthy amount of *fashun* pics, her Instagram is also filled to the brim with stunning travel snaps sure to envy most influencers.

Heading into the marriage experiment, Samantha was looking for a man with ambition, confidence and self-sufficiency. She had a preference for someone older and independant.

In spite of these requests, the producers decided to pair her up with Al, who is immature AF and literally the total opposite of everything she asked for. Noice.

However this unfolds, we are sure Sam will make the most of her Married at First Sight journey – in between teaching her husband to cook, clean and do laundry…

MAFS Samantha Moitzi and Al Perkins
Samantha’s husband Al is the opposite of everything she asked the experts for. Source: Nine

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