If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on your very own Texan redhead, today is your lucky day because someone has listed Married at First Sight Australia‘s Andrew Davis for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Yeehaw!

The controversial 2022 groom made headlines after calling his MAFS bride Holly Greenstein a dud root and expressed his disdain for pegging. Now, it’s time for Texas to buy their (un)motivational speaker back!

Andrew Davis MAFS
Married a First Sight’s controversial groom Andrew Davis is “for sale” online. Source: Nine

If, for whatever reason, you’re interested, then you too can “purchase” Andrew for a grand total of $0. Total bargain!

Jokes aside, the 38-year-old has seriously been put up for sale on Facebook by one MAFS Australia fan who listed him as “Vintage American Tool”.

The ad read: “Vintage American Texas Spanner: USED, covered in rust, damage to the top left side, requires grinding.”

Wow, harsh! You have to admire their creativity though – maybe they should take over the MAFS Instagram page?

MAFS Andrew Facebook Marketplace
A MAFS fan has put Andrew Davis up “for sale” on Facebook Marketplace. Source: Instagram @jaimienicole

“In desperate need of a heavy-duty clean. NON WORKING as has been used over 350 times,” the seller continued, referenced Andrew’s claims that he has slept with over 350 women.

The “seller” also added: “FREE SPANNER as it’s a waste of space & NO RETURNS.”

A Quick Refresher: Why Is Andrew Davis “A Tool”?

During the 2022 season of Married at First Sight, Andrew has displayed some less than desirable behaviour.

Firstly, he told his bride that she was sh*t in the sack. He claimed that Holly was “not present” when the pair was intimate and that he’d had more participation “from one night stands”. Yikes!

Andrew MAFS 2022
Andrew has raised eyebrows over his poor treatment of Holly Greenstein on MAFS. Source: Nine

Things went (further) downhill on the first day of MAFS’ Confessions Week when the groom opened up to Holly about his “confronting past”.

“Holly, I love sex,” he professed. “I love exploring sex and I love celebrating sex. I’m a very sexual person and I have had roughly 350 sexual partners in the past.”

So Andrew has boinked, on average, one person per week for the last seven years of his life.

He then proceeded to tell Holly that her confession of being fearful of never having children was too much for him.

MAFS Andrew Holly
Andrew humiliated Holly during the first commitment ceremony of Married at First Sight Australia 2022. Source: Nine

But wait, there’s more! Andrew followed all of this up by committing the cardinal MAFS Australia sin – he pulled a Bryce [Ruthven].

In the first commitment ceremony of the 2022 MAFS season, Andrew revealed that he had initially written “leave” but crossed it out and written “stay”.


If Andrew somehow seems like your kinda guy, then head over to Facebook Marketplace – you’ll be getting yourself a real deal, we’re telling you.

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