Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Andrew Davis officially pulled a Bryce [Ruthven] and Twitter, of course, went f*cking nuts over it.

During the first commitment ceremony of the 2022 season, Andrew confessed he wanted to leave the experiment. However, he ultimately changed his mind at the eleventh hour and opted to stay.

Naturally,MAFS fans took to Twitter to roast the living hell out of Andrew, whose low blow humiliated his poor bride Holly Greenstein.

Accordingly, many viewers drew similarities between him and controversial 2021 MAFS groom Bryce Ruthven.

Andrew Holly MAFS 2022
MAFS viewers were quick to slam Andrew on Twitter after his blunder at the first commitment ceremony. Source: Nine

Andrew Opened Up About Him and Holly’s Sexploits in the First MAFS 2022 Commitment Ceremony

Andrew and Holly’s time on the sofa was hard to watch from the outset.

It was easily none of the cringiest segments of the episode – which is really saying something.

During the commitment ceremony, Andrew revealed that Holly has tried to make their relationship work and he has kinda just been a d*ckhead.

Holly Greenstein Opted to Stay

For some reason (*cough* chasing that blue tick *cough*), Holly chose to stay (even after being told she was a dud root and humiliated multiple times on national telly). Girl, WTF?

As a result of their mutual decision, the pair would remain in the experiment for another week.

And Twitter was beyond confused about it.

Lordy, someone save Holly from herself (and Andrew).

Andrew’s Decision Shocked Viewers and Participants Alike

It’s safe to say Andrew was already in hot water by the time he had to make the decision.

Andrew’s decision came as a shock to viewers as we were half expecting him to leave and half to stay. So, he surprised us and chose both (kind of)!

Then Andrew revealed to the room that he had initially written “leave” but crossed it out and written “stay”.

His reasoning? Andrew told the experts he just “doesn’t know how to quit,” which Twitter called total bullsh*t on.

Literally, everyone was pissed at Andrew- Twitter, us, Alessandra; even Al Perkins noticed something was up!

It’s Twitter Official: Andrew “Pulled a Bryce”

Naturally, Twitter reacted exactly how Twitter does whenever a MAFS man behaves like an a-hole: by declaring him the new Bryce!

As well as the many comparisons to Bryce, viewers also voiced concerns for the welfare of Andrew’s MAFS bride Holly.

MAFS Viewers Were Surprised the Experts Actually Did Their Jobs

Throughout the entirety of the first commitment ceremony, the Married at First Sight experts actually seemed to do their jobs, for once.

During Selin Mengu and Anthony Cincotta‘s couch-side showdown, John Aiken ripped into Selin for how she had treated Anthony.

After Selin and Anthony’s grilling by the experts, it came time for Andrew to have it ABSOLUTELY handed to him – and MAFS expert Alessandra Rampolla certainly delivered!

And Twitter (and us) were here for it!

Twitter Reacted to Andrew’s Commitment Ceremony Speil by Questioning His Career Choices

In case you forgot, outside of MAFS Andrew is actually a motivational speaker.

After his wild AF speech at the commitment ceremony, Twitter was quick to roast Andrew, with some suggesting it may be time for him to find a new career.

That was so chaotic… Now, bring on intimacy week!

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