Al PerkinsMarried at First Sight Australia 2022 audition tape reveals some of his wild tactics for picking up girls.

On Married at First Sight this season, Al has proved to be a golden retriever in human form. The young groom has served up some serious entertainment, particularly when he did a shoey at the first dinner party of the year.

The 25-year-old has never had a girlfriend and his MAFS marriage to Samantha Moitzi is his first proper partnership.

MAFS 2022 Al shoey
Al kicked off the first MAFS 2022 dinner party with a shoey. Source: Nine

Whilst the fan favourite may be making his RELATIONSHIP debut on the show, he still has plenty of dating experience.

Naturally, the groom has some wild courtship tactics which, to our delight, he shared in his MAFS audition tape.

Al Perkins Reveals His Foolproof Plan For “Pulling Chicks”

In his MAFS audition tape, Al confessed that while he has never had a serious girlfriend, he has been “window shopping”.

The groom revealed that he has a “pretty good success rate” on dating apps and given his charm and good looks, we don’t doubt that for a second.

In addition to the apps, bébé Al said that when he hits the town he can “pull chicks pretty easily, as well”.

For the cheeky groom, dating women is “like catching fish in a barrel”. *Swoon* How poetic.

Al’s masterclass for “pulling” said “chicks” is extremely complex and based on scientific research (not) so take notes:

Firstly, if he spots a cute girl his initial action is to get her alone and away from her friends.

Then, it’s time to “butter her up” and deliver his number one pick up move.

“Even if her eyes are ugly, compliment her eyes,” Al advised.

Next, he stops the lucky lady mid-sentence to tell her how beautiful she is.

We feel like if anyone else did that it would be kind of rude, but it’s Al, so we can’t be mad.

Despite his wild AF plan, Al still remains totally wholesome.

Al Perkins Married at First Sight 2022
Al has been a season favourite amongst MAFS fans who fell in love with his charm and nativity. Source: Nine

Al Perkin’s Reaveals What He Looks For in a Girl in His MAFS Audition Tape

Habitual singleton Al made it clear in his MAFS audition tape that he is single by choice, not circumstance.

Apparentl,y his lack of relationship is because he’s “picky”, adding that he has only had “little flings that fizzled out”.

In short, if he does find himself a girlfriend, he wants her to be the one he’s going to marry. Aw.

The groom is not interested in “messing around for a year or two, then down the line breaking up”. He added that that would be “a waste of time”.

Someone needs to show Al MAFS‘ success rate because the odds of actual marriage aren’t exactly in his favour.

Al MAFS audition tape
Al has avoided relationships in the past as he doesn’t want to waste time with a girl he won’t end up marrying. Source: Nine

Al’s ideal girl is someone with who he can do “adrenaline sort of stuff”, such as “snowboarding, surfing and spearfishing”.

He also confessed that he needs someone who will ground him as he is “a bit of a party boy”. And suddenly, the shoey makes so much sense.

He wants someone “good looking” but “will crack the whip a bit” and keep him in line. Samantha is doing a fab job of that so far, no?

Al Perkins Reveals He “Loves Drama”

Al’s MAFS audition tape saw him make a startling revelation: the groom LOVES the DRAH-MUH!

Okay, so NOW we understand why he signed up for MAFS.

Aside from doing the worm at his wedding (and the shoey incident) Al has actually shied away from drama on the show thus far. He has backed down during confrontations with his bride Samantha and even tried (key word: tried) to comfort Holly Greenstein during her marriage breakdown.

Al and Samantha wedding
Despite admitting in his audition tape that he enjoys drama, Al has shyed away from confrontation on MAFS. Source: Nine

The groom admitted: “I think it’s because I grew up with so many sisters. Fighting was just normal and if I don’t have it I get bored”. WHAT?

“I love starting little conflicts,” he added. Interesting, maybe we will see Al’s dramatic side come out later on in the season!

In Al’s MAFS audition tape, he also admitted that if he found another bride attractive, he would tell her “on the sly”. Oh, boy…

Keep your eye on the marriage experiment, because if Al’s MAFS audition is anything to go by, he could be stirring up some sh*t real soon.

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