Married at First Sight 2022 bride Tamara Djordjevic had VERY high expectations for the experiment and her husband, Brent Vitiello.

At her wedding, Tamara found out that her new groom works in hospitality and was begrudgingly disappointed. Accordingly, she took every chance she possibly could to take digs at Brent’s career throughout the entire experiment.

The Queenslander has said that retail and hospitality workers are “unambitious” and intimated that they are “beneath her”.

MAFS 2022 Brent and tamara wedding
At her wedding, Tamara made several rude comments about retail and hospitality workers being “unambitious”. Source: Nine.

Then, during her and Brent’s final date she remarked: “you call yourself a f*cking restaurant manager, like, sorry, you wait tables”. Yikes!

So, given that Tamara has plenty to say about Brent’s career you would think that’s she’s got a pretty prestigious job herself, right? WRONG!

The 29-year old is an operations manager. So — in short — she does exactly what Brent does but instead of working in a restaurant, she works in a real estate office. The irony, eh?

tamara brent comments job wait tables mafs 2022
Tamara took shots at Brent’s career throughout their MAFS relationship. Source: Nine.

What Does Tamara Djordjevic Do For A Living?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Tamara has spent over six years in the real estate industry.

After beginning her career as a sales associate in Victoria, the businesswoman relocated to Queensland to become a business development manager.

But don’t be fooled by Tamara’s corporate job! The blonde beauty loves to have a good time. She was even on Geordie Shore at one point!

MAFS Tamara Geordie Shore
Tamara was spotted during an episode of Geordie Shore in 2018. Source: Supplied.

Tamara’s Job Has Allowed Her To Be Financially Independent

Self-described as an “alpha personality”, the operations manager has always had a strong “don’t need no man” energy and is used to providing for herself.

In her MAFS audition tape, Tamara admitted that she would be put off if a guy “didn’t have any money,” or “drove an ugly car,” as she doesn’t want a man that she has to look after.

tamara djordevic mafs 2022
In her MAFS audition, Tamara said she would be put off if a guy had “no money”. Source: Nine

The ambitious contestant considers herself financially independent and already owns her own home. The only thing missing is an impressive man to sweep her off her feet — as long as he doesn’t work in hospo!

In the past, the glamazon has struggled to find a man who matches her on “all levels” and isn’t intimidated by her success.

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