Married at First Sight Australia 2022 bride Tamara Djordjevic has opened up about the breakdown of her past relationship in her FULL MAFS audition tape.

The 29-year-old found herself in some hot water after her hubby Brent Vitiello watched part of Tamara’s MAFS audition tape during the show’s confessions week.

Tamara Brent MAFS 2022
Brent had a tense word to Tamara after seeing her MAFS audition tape where she made “pretentious” comments. Source: Nine

However, it turns out what we (and Brent) saw on-screen was only part of the story.

Married at First Sight Australia producers twisting contestants’ words to create drama? Surely not?!

In Tamara’s full MAFS 2022 audition tape, the Queensland native dishes that her past relationship was the final straw in a pattern of “falling for guys that are too immature”.

Tamara Revealed What Led to the Breakdown of Her Last Relationship

In Tamara’s MAFS audition tape, the controversial bride made it abundantly clear that she will not settle for less than she thinks she deserves.

She revealed, “I have an idea of what I want, and how I am. I’m probably what’s attractive to a guy – a girl that has her own sh*t together and whatever”.

Her standards are high (as they should be) and she expects a partner to match her on every level.

Tamara mafs audition tape
In her MAFS audition tape, Tamara revealed previous partners had not lived up to her high standards. Source: Nine

Her ex-partner, however, was not on any of the aforementioned levels.

Tamara said her ex “sort of tricked [her] into believing that he was the same” as her.

She added that she had been so convinced he Mr. Right, that the pair even bought a house together – which she has “now bought him out for, so it’s [hers]”.

Tamara admitted that she eventually realised she was the one making all the decisions in the relationship, which didn’t sit well with her.

In her MAFS audition tape, Tamara revealed she was the one who made all the decisions in her last relationship. Source: Nine

Of the askew dynamic, the bubbly blonde said: “I picked the house, picked the area, the lifestyle,” adding, “even my dog, which we got together. I picked that.”

She also admitted that she was not all-in throughout the pair’s relationship, confessing: “I definitely didn’t love him as much as he loved me, but I think I did that on purpose”

Her reasoning was that she doesn’t “want to be with someone where I am more obsessed with them”

Tamara Elaborated On Her “Pretentious” MAFS Audition Tape Comments

When Brent was shown a snippet of Tamara’s MAFS audition tape right after the pair had moved in together, he was less than impressed with his bride’s harsh words.

Brent was dismayed to hear Tamara admit she “doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t have a good career” or have no money”.

Tamara admitted that she was aware her comments in her MAFS audition tape sounded “vain”. Source: Nine

Whilst she knew her comments sounded “vain” Tamara told the camera that was simply the truth, adding “I’m too old to be like, ‘yeah, I’ll look after you, I’ll stick around while you make it.”

She confessed that if someone “drives a really ugly car”, “doesn’t have a good job or money”, or “wears fake designer clothes”, she would be totally turned off.

Brent was quick to call Tamara out for her “superficial” comments. However, given that she has spent past relationships building up the other person to no reward or reciprocation, we can understand where she was coming from.

brent tamara mafs 2022
Brent was relatively when after Tamara explained the reasoning behind her “superficial” comments on MAFS. Source: Nine

On Married at First Sight, Tamara explained herself to Brent, who was (surprisingly, given he is on MAFS) quite understanding.

He listened as she explained that she was tired of inequitable relationships and looking after the men in her life.

Maybe Brent could be the one to break Tamara’s unlucky run in love?

Tamara Djordjevic Reveals Why She Doesn’t Like Dating Apps in Her MAFS Audtion Tape

Given that she was willing to risk potential public humiliation on Married at First Sight, you would’ve thought Tamara was open to giving dating apps a try first, right?


Tamara’s MAFS audition tape reveals she “refuses to be on dating apps”.

She elaborated, telling whichever producer was behind the zoom call: “It’s not the kind of person I am, I’d rather go out for drinks and try and meet someone organically.”

Ah yes, a reality TV show where you marry a total stranger- so organic! MAFS is arguably less terrifying than Tinder though, we can’t lie.

Tamara MAFS audition tape
Tamara admitted she refuses to be on dating apps Source: Nine

She is of the belief that people on dating apps “just put their hook out to whoever they can fish,” and TBF, she isn’t totally wrong.

So, if you’re so opposed to dating apps, why TF go on MAFS, Tamara?

The operations manager confessed that she thought the experiment was “an interesting way” to find a life partner.

Married at First Sight may not be a lot of things (witty, wholesome, a good way to find a life partner, etc) but it surely is “interesting,” so at least she has that!

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