Married at First Sight Australia 2022 bride Tamara Djordjevic has been slammed for a number of derogatory comments she made to husband Brent Vitiello at their wedding during the show’s explosive season premiere.

During their absolute sh*t storm of a MAFS wedding, Tamara took constant jabs at her groom and remarked that retail workers were “unambitious”.

The 29-year-old received a TONNE of backlash on social media in the wake of the episode.

Now, the controversial bride has appeared on The Today Show to offer up a bizarre explanation for her savagae comments.

Tamara Djordjevic and brent Vitiello MAFS wedding
married at First Sight Australia
Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello’s MAFS wedding was totally chaotic. Source: Nine

The Queensland native insisted she was “hungry” and didn’t mean anything she said to her ‘hubby’ at the wedding.

We all get Hangry Tam, but that doesn’t warrant turning into a total bridezilla!

She also brushed off degrading comments she made about retail and hospitality employees (AKA the essential workers).

Tamara explained: “Brent said, ‘The way I look down on people in retail’, That is not what I was saying. I couldn’t articulate myself properly! I was so hungry, I hadn’t eaten all day”.

She also admitted to knowing she’d “dug herself a hole.”

“I would just like to clarify so that I can still go shopping again: I have absolutely no qualms about retail.” Uhhhh, thanks for sharing….

Where Was Brent Vitiello During Tamara’s PR Scramble?

Tamara’s groom was noticeably irked by her off-colour comments at their wedding.

His best man (and newly anointed MAFS icon) Levi Neufeld joined Brent in calling Tam out on her bullsh*t.

Tamara and Brent MAFS wedding
married at First Sight Australia
Brent called his Married at First Sight bride “psycho”. Source: Nine

Brent even went as far as calling his wife a “psychopath” in a confessional with the camera crew.

We can’t say we were exactly surprised when Tamara showed up to the interview sans-Brent.

Tamara’s shaky excuse for her hubby’s absence was that he was “having a sleep in”. Sure…

What Else Did Tamara Say to Brent During Their Wedding Reception?

Tam and Brent’s wedding didn’t exactly get off to a cracking start.

The Operations Manager was not an instant fan of her groom.

Brent MAFS 2022
Brent and Tamara’s MAFS wedding just got worse by the minute. Source: Nine

She remarked: “He does seem like an average kind of guy. Average just isn’t for me. I’m not average. I don’t do average.”

The fussy blonde was visibly upset when her groom revealed that he worked “in nightclubs”. You could practically hear the alarm bells ringing inside her head.

Tamara Djordjevic MAFS 2022
Tamara said her Married at First Sight groom was “average”. Source: Nine

Brent was forced to clarify that while he does work in nightclubs sometimes, he is actually an event manager. He even used to run his own successful business.

If the cringe that was Tamara and Brent’s wedding didn’t prove that these two are a match made in HELL, there was also that weird feet montage.

While Brent grimaced over the mental image of his brides’ tootsies, Tamara vocalised her wish for a groom who would give her regular foot rubs.

Damn, looks like they were just always doomed to fail…

PS. whatever producer decided the whole feet thing was a good idea needs to be reprimanded, STAT.

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