Married at First Sight Australia 2022 was rocked on Sunday night by the revelation of an ongoing cheating scandal between intruders Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes – but how much did Carolina’s husband Dion Giannarelli, the MAFS experts and the other contestants actually know about the salacious affair?

Whilst the entirety of Australia was privy to the intruders’ infidelity, when the affair was revealed at Sunday’s Commitment Ceremony it appeared as though the entire cast was blindsided.

The revelation that Carolina and Daniel wished to re-enter the experiment as a fresh couple was so shocking it even incited a mass exodus from the rest of the participants.

MAFS 2022 Domenica and Jack
The revelation of Carolina and Daniel’s MAFS cheating scandal incited a mass walkout from the rest of the cast. Source: Nine

Now, members of the MAFS 2022 cast, including king Dion himself, have spoken out about WTF actually down.

Here’s What Dion Knew About Carolina and Daniel’s Cheating Scandal

During the fateful MAFS Commitment Ceremony, it was obvious that Dion was pretty damn heartbroken by the divulgence that his wife had cheated on him with a YouFoodz-loving gym bro.

Now, the groom has spoken out about what he actually knew prior to the pairs’ arrival.

Whilst the Queenslander acknowledged that things between him and Carolina were “coming to an end anyway,” he had been disappointed when she did not initially turn up to face the couch jury.

Dion revealed he was blindsided by Carolina and Daniel’s MAFS cheating scandal. Source: Nine

However, when she did eventually arrive (with Daniel in tow) the property developer was pretty pissed.

Of the shock Commitment Ceremony crashing, Dion said: “The minute they walked in and I saw them together I thought ‘okay, I understand now. This all makes sense.'” He added that he “did not see this coming at all.”

However, the 34-year-old admitted that “there were moments during the experience where I thought things were quite odd. Or, there were times when I would contact Carolina… and she wouldn’t answer the phone. Now, I know she was with Daniel.”

Carolina Dion married at first sight australia 2022
Dion revealed that he has suspicions something was “going on” with his MAFS bride Carolina. Source: Nine

The MAFS fan-favourite reflected on this relationship with the mother of one, admitting that he had suspicions something was going on behind his back.

“My gut was telling me something’s not right here,” Dion explained. “I actually had a conversation with my mum where I was like ‘I wonder if she has an ex-boyfriend she is still in contact with or a secret boyfriend on the outside.”

“These were things that kept popping up but I didn’t listen to them correctly,” he expressed.

Dion, our hearts are bleeding for you.

Here’s What the MAFS Experts Knew About Carolina and Daniel’s Cheating Scandal

Whilst we may think that the MAFS experts are the all-seeing eyes of Married at First Sight Australia, they are not.

Alessandra Rampolla, John Aiken and Mel Schilling only see what goes on during the MAFS Dinner Parties and Commitment Ceremonies.

Since Daniel and Carolina kept their extramarital liaisons away from social settings, the experts were not aware of the cheating scandal. They found out about it at the same time as the contestants.

MAFS 2022 experts
John Aiken, Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling
The experts said they did not know about the MAFS cheating scandal prior to the Commitment Ceremony. Source: Nine

Of the pair’s shock Commitment Ceremony arrival, Alessandra confessed that she thought they were all “getting punked”.

Her fellow experts agreed that they were gobsmacked.

Mel stated that she “had no idea” what was going on.

“There have been affairs in the past on MAFS,” she said, “but this was very different.”

Mel added: “The way that this couple conducted themselves was very disrespectful and was hurtful to a number of people in the experiment.”

Round of applause for the experts, who have actually been doing their jobs this season on MAFS!

Here’s What the Other Contestants Knew About the MAFS Cheating Scandal

Since his dinner party confession that Carolina was totally his type, Daniel and the single mum attempted to get to know each other during a secret gym rendezvous. And, a full-blown MAFS cheating scandal evolved behind Dion’s back.

Given all the contestants live on the same floor, you’d think that at least one of their co-stars was privy to the budding romance.

The other Married at First Sight stars knew little about Daniel and Carolina’s affair. Source: Nine.

However, one contestant revealed in episode 155 of the So Dramatic! podcast that no one was aware that the thirsty pair were meeting up.

“None of us heard them talking at the dinner party or had any inkling about what was going on,” the star confessed. “We were all too involved in everything else that was going on that we missed it.”

The cast’s first time hearing of the cheating scandal was at the MAFS Commitment Ceremony. Hence, the walkout!

Married at First Sight Australia 2022
None of the MAFS cast were aware of the cheating scandal prior to the Commitment Ceremony. Source: Nine

But even then, they still didn’t realise the true extent of Daniel and Carolina’s infidelity.

Apparently they “didn’t know anything” about their conversations until they “watched the same footage back at the reunion”!

Now, according to the MAFS insider, “no one likes Carolina” as a result of the jaw-dropping move.

“Carolina had a tough time on the show but she deserved it for what she did,” they confessed. “She cheated on Dion and he was so well-liked.”

Yikes! Welp, on to the next Married at First Sight Australia 2022 *scandal* it is!

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