NSW Police have confirmed that two incidents from the current season of Married at First Sight Australia are now being investigated following complaints lodged in recent months.

An intense rivalry on the show has seen brides Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer at the centre of a number of heated incidents, two of which are now under the microscope by authorities.

Police confirmed to news.com.au that the first complaint was lodged on February 24, 2022, in relation to an incident that took place in November 2021 on a property in Bargo — AKA during filming of the Couples Retreat.

It was here where the infamous glass-smashing incident unfolded after Olivia berated Domenica about her voice.

A NSW Police spokesperson told news.com.au that the inquiry was ongoing, however, a source close to the incident told So Dramatic! that “police dropped the charges as there was no evidence of any law being broken”.

domenica mafs glass incident
A source told So Dramatic! that there was “no evidence of any law being broken” at the Couples Retreat. Source: Nine.

As reported in episode 163 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Olivia attempted to press charges against Domenica “about three weeks ago”.

“All footage… from during the retreat had to be given to police,” the source revealed. “The entire cast [was] interviewed by police in relation to the incident.”

Reports have emerged that the investigation is ongoing, however, our source says that police have finished investigating the matter.

“Police have looked at all the footage and questioned everyone and no charges have been laid and that happened four weeks ago now. So what does that tell you?

“No one was injured and no law was broken — end of story,” they said.

Police Also Investigating Olivia’s Distribution of Domenica’s OnlyFans Photo

Olivia and Domenica’s feud reached new heights after the former admitted to circulating a racy photo of Domenica that was originally shared to her now-inactive OnlyFans account.

Following the saga at the most recent dinner party, fans called for Olivia to be apprehended over the incident, likening it to an act of revenge porn. One petition calling for action from the e-Safety Commissioner amassed over 123,000 signatures from aggravated fans.

In episode 166 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source confirmed that Domenica has been working closely with the E-Safety commissioner to have all her private photos removed from the dark web. And a number of photos have already been successfully taken down.

“The E-Safety commissioner has been in contact with Dom,” the insider explained. “He advised her to make a formal police complaint about the nude photo scandal and she did. Now police are investigating it.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Now, NSW Police have confirmed that the incident is under investigation after a complaint was levelled on March 19, 2022, to officers at the Inner West Police area command about the alleged distribution of an image without consent.

This investigation is still ongoing.

Olivia Declined to Go to Police When the Glass-Smashing Incident First Happened

One current contestant told So Dramatic! that the head of production offered for Olivia to go to the police the day after the incident at the Couples Retreat. However, the student-teacher “she declined the offer”.

“Olivia was also offered counselling, support by producers, everything, but she declined it all,” they admitted. “Olivia went to the police before the glass smashing incident aired… Suddenly she is threatened by Dom and wants action?”

olivia jackson commitment ceremony mafs
One source said Olivia has “declined” all offers of help from production following the incident. Source: Nine.

The insider said that the bride is “just pedalling this story that she was in danger”.

“After her dirt on Dom for having OnlyFans didn’t stick, she is trying whatever she can to bring Dom down and make her look bad,” they concluded, adding that this “proves [Olivia] is acting with malice”.

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