The entire Married at First Sight Australia 2022 cast and crew were questioned by police after Olivia Frazer attempted to press charges against Domenica Calarco following the glass-smashing incident.

Some weeks ago, MAFS fans watched on as Olivia goaded Domenca into breaking a wine glass after she repeatedly criticised the bride for her “aggressive” voice.

Now, a MAFS insider has revealed to So Dramatic! that Olivia tried to press charges against the Italian bride. However, this didn’t happen directly after the girls’ night, but when the incident played out on-screen.

As reported in episode 163 of the So Dramatic! podcast, 27-year-old reportedly attempted to press charges against Domenica “about three weeks ago”.

“All footage… from during the retreat had to be given to police,” the source revealed. “The entire cast [was] interviewed by police in relation to the incident”

The insider also confessed that the production crew were also put under the microscope. However, “after conducting a full and thorough investigation, the police dropped the charges as there was no evidence of any law being broken”.

Olivia Declined to Go to the Police When the Incident Happened

According to the source, the head of production offered for Olivia to go to the police the day after the incident but “she declined the offer”.

“Olivia was also offered counselling, support by producers, everything, but she declined it all,” they admitted. “Olivia went to the police before the glass smashing incident aired… Suddenly she is threatened by Dom and wants action?”

olivia jackson commitment ceremony mafs
One source said Olivia has “declined” all offers of help from production following the incident. Source: Nine.

The insider said that the bride is “just pedalling this story that she was in danger”.

“After her dirt on Dom for having OnlyFans didn’t stick, she is trying whatever she can to bring Dom down and make her look bad,” they concluded, adding that this “proves [Olivia] is acting with malice”.

Olivia Revealed That She Asked for Domenica to Be Removed from Married at First Sight

During an interview with KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Olivia admitted that she asked producers to kick Domenica off after the infamous #GlassGate.

“I was backed into a corner for weeks and I felt so unsafe ” the student-teacher said. “I requested for [Domenica] to be removed from the show and I was told that wasn’t going to happen [and] I was told a lot of things about that night that wasn’t even on camera.”

olivia retreat glass mafs
Olivia revealed that she asked producers to have Domenica removed from the show. Source: Nine.

Following Olivia’s claims, So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto asked the current cast if they were aware of this. However, they weren’t privy to the bride’s request for Domenica to be removed.

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