Last night our screens were graced by the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 reunion dinner party and we watched on as an explosive second cheating scandal came to light.

Whilst a MAFS cheating scandal is not exactly a revolutionary plotline, last night’s revelations were extra glorious.

During the episode, it was exposed that Tamara Djordjevic had tried to slide into Mitch Eynaud‘s DM‘s prior to her final vows with Brent Vitiello (and when Mitch was still betrothed to Ella Ding).

He supposedly rejected her and Tamara was called out in spectacular fashion over wine and hors d’oeuvres by her ex-husband, his fellow contestants and, of course, MAFS Twitter.

MAFS Reunion dinner party brent and al
Brent called Tamara out for messaging Mitch. Source: Nine.

Brent Exposes Tamara at the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party

At the start of the par-tay, Brent was stewing in the corner. We would like to think he was plotting his revenge, but he’s way too nice for that.

Tamara said that she has nothing to say to her ex-husband except, “HOW’S THE NOIGHT CLUUBB?”. Ugh. How’s the rental market, Tamara? STFU.

Tamara then yells at everyone’s child, Al Perkins, to sit down because it’s rude to stand up.

He burped in reply, bc why TF not?

Just as MAFS Twitter had seen enough, so had Brent, who swooped in to avenge his Godson.

The 34-year-old suggested everyone say something negative and positive about the experiment and asks Tamara to go first. Spicy.

Tamara declared that she was sad she left her puppy for so long, but happy she met so many good girlfriends.

“Wasn’t your biggest negative when you tried to pick up Mitch but he rejected you?” Brent shoots.


Tamara Continues to Dig Herself a Hole

Whilst the cheating scandal was a revelation to MAFS Twitter, many contestants at the Reunion Dinner Party already knew.

“We know, babe,” Ella, AKA Mitch’s on-again off-again wife, confirmed to Tamara.

Samantha Moitzi jumped in to defend her (apparent) bestie.

Basically, Samantha waffled, maintaining that she had mutual friends in town at the Gold Coast and Tamara hit up Mitch to ask him out for dinner to join the group.

Mitch said the messages sounded like they had “intent”, and he felt the need to tell Brent. As he should.

Brent told Tamara, “Hey look. You shot your shot and it didn’t work.” 

mafs 2022 reunion ella and mitch
Mitch and Ella were apparently still together when Tamara messaged him. Source: Nine.

Tamara laughed maniacally, then dug her own grave.

“I thought you and Ella had broken up.”

Al’s jaw hit the floor. Did someone say “Karma”?

Tamara TRIES To Make Things Better and Fails Miserably

Clearly not used to being on the receiving end of a call-out (she did WANT to be the MAFS 2022 villain, after all) Tamara was lost for words.

Tamara leaned across the table and said, “let’s talk about when you called me at two AM then.” 

Mitch replied, “Yeah. I called Ella. I also called Dion ten times.”

Al then declared: “He also called me!” Which we believe because who TF wouldn’t want to call Al at 2 AM?

MAFS 2022 reunion dinner party
The whole cast got involved in the conversation. Source: Nine.

Ella, on her queen sh*t, voiced that she never felt threatened.

Then, the GOLDEN, oh-so-sweet cherry on top, Ella says: “Mitchell has told me that I should never, ever feel threatened by you.”


The Drama Didn’t Stop There Because Jackson Exposed Himself As a D*ckhead at the Married at First Sight Reunion

The whole Tamara/Mitch/Brent/Ella thing wasn’t the only drama to rock Twitter during the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party Last Night.

It’s been known that Jackson Lonie‘s wife, Olivia Frazer is, erm, controversial (to say the absolute least). But, the tradie has mostly managed to avoid any responsibility for egging on or supporting her actions throughout the experiment.

MAFS 2022 Olivia and Jackson reunion
Jackson got caught up in his wife’s BS at the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party. Source: Nine.

Welp, at the Reunion Dinner Party Jackson’s true colours came to light and MAFS Twitter could not stand for his takedown of our kween Domenica Calarco.

They basically just rehashed the whole glass-smashing and nude-photo scandals again and because producers are trying to help Olivia with a better edit, Jackson took the stage to continue to beat a dead horse.

We are so over these two.

What could the second instalment of the Married at First Sight 2022 reunion possibly have in store for us next?

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