Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Al Perkins is the “Shoey King”, so when he announced he wasn’t doing Australia’s iconic drinking past-time during the Dinner Party Reunion, fans were obviously shocked.

But honestly, once a shoey-man, always a shoey man and we have the PROOF that Al is still set in his ways.

al perkins shoey
Al is most well-known for doing a shoey during Married at First Sight Australia 2022 and even though he said he’s given it up, he absolutely hasn’t! Source: Nine.

“I’ve definitely come out of the experiment a changed person,” Al said during the episode. “And that’s why, no more shoeys anymore. I’ve grown up. I’m mature. So, shoeys are the old Al.”

Even though we’d LOVE to believe our prince, unfortunately, this footage proves that he is still in fact doing shoeys and will probably never stop.

While in attendance at Fitzy and Wippa’s annual Married at First Sight Dinner Party, Al took the opportunity to prove he’s still a man-child at heart, and did a shoey for the very eager crowd.

Al Does Indeed Know How to Drink From a Glass

And that’s not all! We also have PROOF that he can indeed drink from a glass.

While at the viewing party, Megan filmed Al being a respectable human, drinking a bevvie from an actual tumbler — and…not really loving it.

@sodramaticonline PROOF! Al Perkins DOES know how to drink from a glass! 🥂 #mafs #mafsau #mafsaus #mafs2022 #mafsaustralia #mafsaustralia2022 #fyp #alperkins #marriedatfirstsight ♬ original sound – So Dramatic!

“Tastes different,” he said. “Not as much bacteria in this one!” HAHA! Love you, Al!

Al Perkins Did the Worm at His Wedding

From the very start of Married at First Sight Australia 2022, it was evident that Al was an icon in the making.

The tradie made it clear from the words “I do” that he is a ~fun guy~. We are seriously pissed we weren’t invited to he and Samantha Moitzi’s wedding because, as we know, Al knows how to par-tay.

The groom even took the ceremony as a chance to bust out his best dance move: the worm.

Al perkins MAFS worm
Al Perkins did the worm at his MAFS wedding. Source: Nine

Samantha may have died inside a little bit watching her “mature and ambitious groom” wiggle around on the floor, but we were so here for it.

Bless him!

Long-live our shoey-loving-worm-king, Al!

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