Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Holly Greenstein penned a candid letter to her fellow contestants at the second commitment ceremony of the season and the Twitter-verse had a lot to say about it.

The preceding dinner party saw Holly ambushed by her MAFS peers after her gaslighting groom Andrew Davis chatted total sh*t about her prior to her arrival.

Holly MAFS commitment ceremony
Holly Greenstein got to say her piece at the MAFS commitment ceremony on Sunday. Source: Nine

The bride then took the commitment ceremony as an opportunity to hit back at the naysaying brides and grooms with an emotional and candid letter. 

As expected, Holly had PLENTY to say to her fellow contestants, with Twitter having even more to say about the wild AF commitment ceremony.

Prior to the Commitment Ceremony, Olivia Frazer Confronted Holly

Proving that the MAFS producers are all about the drama, for the pre-ceremony discussion Holly was paired with bride Olivia Frazer.

Olivia had made her disapproval of Holly’s behaviour clear at the dinner party. She then continued to belittle Holly’s experience during their convo. Sorry, but WTF happened to women supporting women?

Andrew Davis Walked Away From MAFS 2022 For Good

At the beginning of the ceremony, it was announced that Andrew had left Married at First Sight for good. *Pretends to be shocked*.

Holly, once again, was the bigger person. Andrew tried to play the victim (again), but Twitter could see right through his bullsh*t (unlike the other contestants).

Later, Texas. You shan’t be missed.

Holly Opened Up About What Happened to Her With Andrew at the Commitment Ceremony

Putting on a brave face, Holly ran the MAFS experts through all the sh*t that went down between herself and Andrew during intimacy week.

Once again, Olivia took the chance to roll her eyes at Holly. (As if she hadn’t criticised her for doing just that).

Holly’s Big “F*ck You” Letter to Her Co-Stars

Before making her much-needed exit from the show, Holly took the chance to drag her fellow MAFS contestants at the commitment ceremony.

Reading the note aloud, the 36-year-old opened up about her sh*tshow of her relationship with her MAFS groom.

She also spoke of the hurt she felt after her fellow contestants turned on her before even hearing her side of the story.

The Other Contestants Admitted Their Mistakes After Holly Said Her Piece

After Holly’s speech, the group decided to jump in with their opinions. Naturally, so did Twitter! Especially after Selin Mengu somehow proved she wasn’t the villain in this situation when she spoke up for Holly, along with Domenica Calarco.

Olivia Frazer Continued to Come For Holly at the Commitment Ceremony

Whilst some of the contestants owned up to their prejudgement of Holly, Olivia and her husband Jackson Lonie failed to recognise their mistake.

The pair continued to degrade Holly’s experience at the MAFS commitment ceremony, with Olivia citing the behaviour as “not very adult”.

Olivia did eventually apologise when it was her time on the couch (and with a little pressure from the experts), but it was too little, too late.

The Experts Failed to Do Their Jobs (Again)

As per usual, the “experts” failed to call out toxic behaviour as it arose.

Honestly, what is the point of them being here anymore? To create MORE drama?

Expert John Aiken even went so far as to say that Andrew had “put his best foot forward”. WTAF, John?

Holly Greenstein FINALLY Left Married at First Sight Australia

In a shock to literally no one, Holly revealed that she had decided to leave MAFS Australia 2022.

Wow, we definitely didn’t see that coming.

Best of luck to Holly. We hope she can manifest a man who won’t gaslight her and call her a dud root on national telly… wow, the bar is really on the floor, isn’t it?

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