Former Married at First Sight Australia contestant Jaimie Gardner has defended Selin Mengu following her “disgraceful” edit on the show’s 2022 season.

Viewers have drawn comparisons between the brides’ MAFS storylines, with both having received the infamous villain edit in seasons eight and nine, respectively.

Now Jaimie, who was essentially “the Selin” of the show’s season, has taken to Instagram in support of Married at First Sight 2022‘s most controversial bride… and she came with some thought-provoking points (and tea, OFC!).

Jaimie Gardner Has Questioned Selin Mengu’s MAFS 2022 Edit

As reported in episode 147 of the So Dramatic! podcast, an insider source has claimed that we are not being shown the full story between Selin and her MAFS groom Anthony Cincotta.

While many viewers are still unconvinced of Selin’s innocence, Jaimie jumped to defend her online.

MAFS Selin 2022
A source has claimed Selin Mengu was subjected to franken-editing on Married at First Sight. Source: Nine

“I watched the last [episode] and you can see the edits/frankenbites once you know what to look for,” she wrote underneath a post on the So Dramatic! Podcast Instagram page.

Jaimie doubled down on her defence of the 32-year-old, expressing that “what is happening to Selin is disgraceful”.

Whilst Selin is probably (definitely) not completely innocent, we think it is important to question how much of the story we are actually being shown. MAFS producers do have a habit of manipulating storylines in the name of *drama*, after all.

Former MAFS bride Jaimie Gardner took to Instagram to defend Selin over her bad edit. Source: Nine

“I’m sure she’s said things,” Jaimie admitted. “But I with almost certainty would guess you’re only seeing the good in Anthony and not what Selin is reacting to.”

“Definitely not the whole picture,” she added.

In this case of franken-editing we are out of the loop and Selin has been f*cked over with the villain edit… It’s a lose-lose situation.

Jaimie Gardner Suffered the Same Mean-Girl Edit on MAFS in 2021

Right from the words “I do”, Jaimie was stiffed with the villain edit. As a result, she was subjected to a mountain of hate online.

Hence, it makes total sense why Jaimie defended Selin so passionately.

Luckily, thanks to her tell-all interview with the So Dramatic! Podcast, fans got to know the truth about the 35-year-old’s portrayal on the show.

MAFS Jaimie Chris
There was more to Jaimie and Chris’ relationship than what MAFS viewers saw on-screen. Source: Nine

Speaking to host Megan Pustetto, Jaimie confessed that it was “confronting” watching back the moment she called her hubby Chris Jensen “a grot” for not washing his hands.

“Obviously it came across terribly,” she acknowledged. “But I was genuinely having a joke with him.”

The brand manager said there were “many times” during their short-lived marriage that she would make a joke and Chris wouldn’t grasp the humour in it.

Jaimie also claimed that the heated scene was exaggerated for shock factor. In reality, she and Chris moved on from the argument pretty quickly.

“If this hand-washing scene was such a big deal and caused such a rift between us, then it kind of doesn’t make sense,” she said. “He then gave me a diamond necklace that he brought into the show and gave it to me at the end of our honesty box.

Jaimie said if this portion of the date was shown on-screen, it would have revealed the pair weren’t actually fighting.

MAFS producers editing out parts of couples actually being nice to each other? We can’t say we’re shocked.

Jaimie Gardner Revealed That Her and Chris’ Dynamic Was Very Different Behind the Scenes

Jaimie also recounted moments where Chris actually blew up at her – but it was never shown on screen.

Other 2021 MAFS contestants also claimed they heard Chris yelling at Jaimie when they arrived at the hotel, as mentioned in episode 59 of the So Dramatic! podcast.

Jaimie Chris MAFS Australia
Jaimie wished producers had taken the opportunity to highlight that aggressive behaviour is not okay. Source: Nine

Jamie said she believed that there was an opportunity in her story to “tell the truth” and “highlight that this kind of behaviour towards women is not acceptable.” Producers totally ignored this, opting instead to push a mean-girl edit.

“I just think they had the opportunity to…. show that what I experienced wasn’t okay,” she admitted. “They’ve chosen the wrong horse to back — because it’s blown up in their face.”

A Source Has Claimed There is More to Anthony and Selin’s Relationship Than MAFS Shows

It was clear from very early on that Selin was NOT vibing Anthony. Despite getting off to a relatively normal – as normal as MAFS gets, anyway – start, a rift appeared between the pair early on.

On-screen, we saw Selin blow up at Anthony over seemingly minor issues, and reject his attempts to patch things up.

During their honeymoon, the pair were getting along swimmingly and then *POOF* Selin turned on Anthony the very next day.

Anthony Selin MAFS
Anthony and Selin have had a tumultuous relationship as shown on Married at First Sight Australia. Source: Nine

A So Dramatic! source has claimed that on their honeymoon Anthony totally love-bombed Selin. Allegedly, he then became manipulative and controlling. Yikes!

The source maintained that Anthony has some red flags that producers have neglected to show on-air.

Whilst it is possible (read; probable) that neither of the pair are perfect, it is important to keep in mind that Married at First Sight may not be all it seems.

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