Married at First Sight Australia 2022 bride Selin Mengu has been slammed for her treatment of husband Anthony Cincotta throughout the course of their MAFS matrimony – but what is real and what is just the infamous villain edit?

As reported in episode 147 of the So Dramatic! podcast, an insider source has spilled the (piping hot) tea to host Megan Pustetto and apparently we are not being shown the full story between Selin and Anthony.

Selin and Anthony have had a tumultuous relationship as shown on Married at First Sight Australia. Source: Nine

One contestant dished that Selin is copping the infamous MAFS villain edit. Allegedly, producers are opting to show only a singular side of what went down between herself and Anthony.

MAFS producers manipulating the truth to make for a better storyline? SHOCK (not)!!

The source expressed that Anthony “has a bad temper and was unable to control his emotions or talk things through with Selin”.

Rather than having a conversation about their relationships issues, he exploded (and then walked out because it made him look bad). Yikes.

A Source Reveals There Is a Side to Anthony the Viewer Isn’t Seeing

It was clear from very early on that Selin was NOT vibing Anthony. Despite getting off to a relatively normal – as normal as MAFS gets, anyway – start, a rift appeared between the pair early on.

On-screen, we saw Selin blow up at Anthony over seemingly minor issues, and reject his attempts to patch things up.

Selin and Anthony MAFS 2022
While Selin and Anthony’s MAFS relationship got off to a good start, it crumbled very quickly. Source: Nine

However, the source spilled that “Selin was put off Anthony because he reminded her of past relationships!”

In these previous partnerships, Selin was reportedly treated similarly to how Anthony treated her at the beginning of their MAFS journey. Accordingly, she was instantly turned off by those traits.

Allegedly, Anthony totally love-bombed Selin and then became manipulative and controlling. Yikes!

Love-bombing has recently come to the forefront of internet discourse surrounding emotional abuse and manipulation in relationships.

It is defined as: “When someone overwhelms you with loving words, actions, and behaviour as a manipulation technique.”

So, while Anthony’s actions may have seemed gentlemanly, it is important to keep in mind that we. do. not. see. everything!!!

Something Big Went Down on Anthony and Selin’s Wedding Night

From our POV, Selin and Anthony’s wedding was a total fairytale.

The pair were getting along fine and then *POOF* Selin turns on Anthony the very next day.

We were left scratching our heads and Selin was stiffed with the infamous villain edit. Total lose-lose situation.

Now, the source has revealed that some drama went down off-screen on Anthony and Selin’s wedding night.

“Something big went down on their wedding night which viewers were not privy to,” the source said. “Anthony crossed a lot of Selin’s boundaries, which is why she felt so uncomfortable around him afterwards.”

Selin MAFS 2022
Anthony’s behaviour on MAFS reminded Selin of a previous relationship. Source: Nine

The source maintains that Anthony does, in fact, have a lot of red flags that producers have neglected to show on-air.

Despite the BTS goings-on, Selin is still being made out to be the cold-hearted b*tch and Anthony, the emotional, hard-done-by father.

Whilst it is possible (read; probable) that neither of the pair are perfect, and undoubtedly both contribute to the issues in their relationship, it is important to keep in mind that Married at First Sight may not be all it seems.

Selin Mengu Exposes the Real Reason She Rejected Anthony Cincotta

After a fairytale wedding, Selin and Anthony’s MAFS relationship crumbled – like, really fast.

Married at First Sight viewers were quick to vilify the glamour model after she froze her TV hubby out only days after their wedding.

However, speaking on 2Day FM’s The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin on Tuesday, Selin consolidated the So Dramatic! source, admitting that there was a lot more going on that the cameras didn’t capture.

While many fans commended Anthony on his respectable nature, Selin claims that Anthony dropped his “gentlemanly” act whenever cameras weren’t rolling. She maintains that her actions, whilst harsh, were justified.

MAFS Selin exposes Anthony
Selin exposed Anthony, claiming he acted differently on and off-camera. Source: Nine

Of the backlash she has received, the 32-year-old said: “A lot of women are taking digs at me, but it’s like, I’m sticking up for myself where I guess people aren’t seeing this.”

Selin exposed Anthony for putting on a curated persona, which he would switch off ASAP when the cameras cut.

Maybe Anthony didn’t leave the bad boi ways of his alter-ego Tommy Hellfire in the past after all…

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