Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Selin Mengu has opened up about the real reason she rejected her groom, Anthony Cincotta.

After a fairytale wedding, Selin and Anthony’s relationship crumbled – like, really fast.

Married at First Sight viewers were quick to vilify the glamour model after she froze her TV hubby out only days after their wedding.

MAFS selin and anthony
Selin Mengu received backlash for rejecting her new MAFS husband Anthony Cincotta. Source: Nine

However, speaking on 2Day FM’s The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin on Tuesday, Selin revealed that there was a lot more going on that the cameras didn’t capture.

While many fans commended Anthony on his respectable nature, Selin claims that Anthony dropped his “gentlemanly” act whenever cameras weren’t rolling. She maintains that her actions, whilst harsh, were justified.

Of the backlash she has received, the 32-year-old said: “A lot of women are taking digs at me, but it’s like, I’m sticking up for myself where I guess people aren’t seeing this.”

MAFS Selin exposes Anthony
Selin exposed Anthony, claiming he acted differently on and off-camera. Source: Nine

Selin exposed Anthony for putting on a curated persona, which he would switch off ASAP when the cameras cut.

Maybe Anthony didn’t leave the bad boi ways of his alter-ego Tommy Hellfire in the past after all…

Selin Mengu Exposes the Truth Behind Her Awkward AF Dinner Party Showdown With Anthony Cincotta

During the first dinner party of MAFS 2022, Selin and Anthony raised some eyebrows with their awkward AF war of words.

Speaking to Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, the single mum joked she was “a bottle of wine” deep during her spat with Anthony. Girl, by the end of that episode, so were we.

MAFS Selin Mengu
Selin drank a bottle of wine before her dinner party spat with Anthony. Source: Nine

During the dinner party, Anthony pulled Selin aside to explain why he left their honeymoon early but was met with a rather frosty response from his wife.Se

Of the uncomfortable interaction, Selin said: “I just think the viewers have got to understand they see one per cent of everything that has happened. That’s one per cent of everything.”

Selin even alleged that she had actually tried to speak to her husband pre-dinner and he had rejected her!

“I don’t know if you’ve seen, but I sit next to him at the dinner party before we go on to the table, and I tried to talk to him and I got brushed off,” she reiterated.

MAFS Selin and Anthony
Selin maintains that it was, in fact, Anthony who rejected her. Source: Nine

Delving deeper into the chain of events, Selin continued: “So when it comes to the end of the night and I was, you know, maybe a bottle of wine in unfortunately at that point, I didn’t want to listen. And yes, I could have drawn a line in the sand.”

It turns out reality TV isn’t as real as we hoped…

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