Married at First Sight 2022 has raised some serious eyebrows thus far, but nothing (not even Al Perkins‘ shoey) has been as weird as Anthony Cincotta‘s MAFS audition tape.

As discussed in episode 142 of the So Dramatic! podcast, this season of MAFS boasts a quirky crop of contestants.

Former semi-pro wrestler Anthony is one of these, um… characters.

His colourful life has seemingly created a nice little ego for him which, for our enjoyment (and disgust), he flexed in his MAFS audition tape.

Anthony MAFS audition tape 2022
2022 groom Anthony’s MAFS audition tape has exposed him for being a bit of a weirdo. Source: Nine

After watching Anthony’s audition clip we are starting to think MAFS actually stands for Men Are F*cking Sh*t because good lord, this is rough.

Continue reading at your own risk — some of the comments in this video genuinely made me cringe.

Anthony Cincotta Dishes On His Double Life as Tommy Hellfire

Ah yes, who would Anthony be without his bad boi persona, Tommy Hellfire.

In the audition tape, he spills the tea about his double life and the differences between himself and Tommy.

“Tommy is definitely the bad guy,” he confesses. “I’m a good guy everywhere else in my life, being a family man and all that sort of stuff.” Sure, Ant.

The 38-year-old says that when it came to wrestling, he “tried to be a good guy but it just didn’t suit me”.

We can’t help but wonder if that’s applicable to Anthony in his everyday life, too…

Anthony MAFS audition tape
Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Anthony Cincotta maintained that while his wrestling persona was a bad boi, he is actually a “good guy”. Source: Nine

If you weren’t feeling nauseous already, the 2022 groom also had this delightful tidbit to share with the camera: “Anthony holds his own but Tommy is generally the one they wanna take home.”

Okay, that officially made me gag.

MAFS Groom Anthony Has Weird AF Work Habits

Just because he has put his wrestling days behind him to work in sales, it doesn’t mean that Anthony left all of Tommy in the past.

After confessing that “Anthony is very flirty”, the groom dished on some seriously unprofessional workplace behaviour.

“I have been teaching my colleagues how to do the lip bite thing,” he confessed before doing the most unsexy lip bite ever.


Anthony Spills the Tea About His Dating History

Given he is taking on Married at First Sight, it would be safe to assume Anthony hasn’t had the best luck with love.

“I have dated a lot of people in the scene. You know, other performers,” he admitted.

These performers apparently included “circus performers and burlesque dancers.” We wonder where Selin’s belly dancing ranks in comparison to his past experiences?

Anthony confessed he typically looks for someone who is “pretty out there”.

The former wrestler fancies himself “a bit of a Gomez Addams” and therefor is hoping to find “his Morticia” in the experiment.

Maybe if you squint, Anthony could be a Kmart version of Gomez. Is that a reach?

Plus, “normal people scare” him… Okay, so Anthony was clearly on Tumblr in 2014. Good to know.

After a series of vacuous relationships, Anthony now wants someone he can be “over the top revolting with”.

However, after *that* pottery incident on his honeymoon, “revolting” is clearly not working out for him.

As if we hadn’t heard enough raging red flags already, Anthony also dropped THE OG f*ckboi line:

“I’m looking for someone who is a natural beauty,” he explained. And yep, that’s the sound of women across the globe rolling their eyes simultaneously. “Not someone with those huge eyelashes that could cut you in half, and all the bullshit that goes with it”.

MAFS 2022 Anthony Selin
After a relatively calm wedding, Anthony and Selin have had a challenging run in the MAFS experiment. Source: Nine

He also took the opportunity to say he needs someone who likes “more than just cheese and day drinking,” and sorry? WTF is wrong with cheese and day drinking? Who doesn’t love cheese and day drinking????

Instead, Anthony is after someone who “challenges” him and welp — the producers certainly delivered with Selin.

Anthony Revealed His Strange, Strange Reason For Going on MAFS

It would be fair to assume most contestants go into the experiment because they want to find love, right? Oh, and maybe to collect a blue tick along the way, but I digress.

Anthony’s MAFS audition tape, however, revealed his err, alternative reason for signing his life away to the show.

Anthony MAFS audition tape
Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Anthony confessed he hopes his wife is “naturally” beautiful. Source: Nines

The groom revealed he signed up for the show because “it’s a rush, it’s a thrill for me”. Sorry, WTF?

“It’s a rush, the possibility of meeting someone else who is on that same journey as you,” he elaborated, while somehow making even less sense.

Time to sit down and try to forget I ever saw this hellish audition tape.

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