Married at First Sight Australia season eight is currently airing in the UK and they are absolutely FROTHING it! But just as she did when the show aired Down Under, MAFS bride Jaimie Gardner is now copping a second wave of hate as her tumultuous scenes with husband Chris Jenson are aired.

Jaimie Gardner is copping another wave of hate as Married at First Sight season eight airs tumultuous scenes with on-screen husband Chris Jenson in the UK. Source: Nine.
Jaimie Gardner is copping another wave of hate as Married at First Sight season eight airs tumultuous scenes with on-screen husband Chris Jenson in the UK. Source: Nine.

The intruder bride was matched with Chris Jensen on the show and while they were only present for a few episodes, serious sh*t went down.

Thanks to her tell-all interview with the So Dramatic! Podcast With Megan Pustetto, Aussie fans know the truth about the 35-year-old’s portrayal on the show. Still, the Brits tuning in right now are none the wiser.

Here’s everything from that interview that will change your perspective on Married at First Sight‘s Jaimie Gardner.

Jaimie Was Only Cast on Married at First Sight Australia One Week Prior To Her Wedding

“Basically as soon as I said yes to the show, they were like, “Alright, well you’re getting married in a week,” Jaimie revealed.

Initially, she received a message questioning her age, whether she was single and if she would consider getting hitched on TV.

“I was like, ‘Well, I’m happy to have a conversation about it’, and it went like a whirlwind since then,” she said.

What Really Went Down During The Hand-Washing Drama

Jaimie confessed that it was “confronting” watching back the moment she called Chris “a grot” for not washing his hands.

“Obviously it came across terribly,” she acknowledged. “But I was genuinely having a joke with him.

“When Chris sat on the couch, I knew in the way that he responded that he didn’t get it, or he didn’t see the humour in that.”

Jaimie Gardner ays the infamous hand-washing scene with Chris Jenson was exaggerated for drama on MAFS. Source: Nine.
Jaimie says the infamous hand-washing scene with Chris was exaggerated for drama on MAFS. Source: Nine.

The brand manager said there were “many times” during their short-lived marriage that she would make a joke and Chris wouldn’t grasp the humour in it.

Jaimie also claims that the heated scene was exaggerated for shock factor. In reality, she and Chris moved on from the argument pretty quickly.

“If this hand-washing scene was such a big deal and caused such a rift between us, then it kind of doesn’t make sense,” she said. “He then gave me a diamond necklace that he brought into the show and gave it to me at the end of our honesty box.

Jaimie said if this portion of the date was shown on-screen, it would have revealed the pair weren’t actually fighting.

Chris Going From “0 to 1000” On Their Honeymoon

In her interview, Jaimie recalled one frightening morning on her and Chris’ honeymoon.

While the couple were rushing to get ready for filming, Chris decided to help the crew do the breakfast dishes. She said to him: “You know you’re not here to help the producers do the dishes, just spend five minutes getting ready.”

Jaimie says Chris’ response was explosive.

“He would have been about a metre away from me…and says, ‘Don’t you ever fucking speak to me like that again! I’ve had people try to fucking control me in the past. Don’t you ever fucking do that to me again!’” Jaimie relayed. “He turned around and slammed the door and walked out.”

“To go to 0 to 1000 in level of aggression, I was terrified,” she explained. She then used her diary camera to record a video of the aftermath. “My hand was literally shaking.

“I wish I had sent it to my phone at the time.”

Jaimie also expressed that she was “uncomfortable” given the honeymoon was being handled by an all-male crew.

The Reason Jaimie Didn’t Talk About The Blow-Up On Camera

Jaimie was mindful that Chris’ young children would be watching the show. She claims this was the driving reason why she didn’t bring up his abhorrent behaviour on camera.

“He was concerned about what might be said about him to his children… I didn’t want to give them [producers] ammo to make him look bad,” she confessed.

Jaimie says while she tried to move past it in the following days, Chris’ “energy was so angry”.

“He turned around to me and was like, ‘If you weren’t such a f*cking bitch!’ and so from that moment on, I was like ‘OK, I can’t even talk to you.’”

Jaimie Gardner confessed she was "shaking" after Chris Jenson's explosive behaviour on MAFS. Source: Nine.
Jaimie confessed she was “shaking” after Chris’ explosive behaviour on MAFS. Source: Nine.

What Were The Producers’ Reactions To Chris’ Behaviour?

Jaimie said she “broke down” to a producer after Chris exploded at her, telling them she was “terrified”.

“I was bawling my eyes out. I didn’t sign up for an experiment to be put with someone who is aggressive,” she said.

She then confessed she was unsure how to handle her TV husband and the situtation. The producers’ initial response? They needed to get that potentially explosive conversation on camera.

Jaimie believes Chris “had been fed words” during their confrontation, saying that she was “picking on him”.

She also said that she was never asked about her mental wellbeing off camera.

“The only time I was ever asked if I was okay to continue and share a room with him was on-camera and on-mic… how honest can I really be in this situation?”

Why Jaimie Didn’t Discuss Chris’ Behaviour At The Commitment Ceremony

Jaimie said she “was dying to” discuss Chris’ aggression on the honeymoon, but was worried that he would blow up again if she brought it up with the experts.

“In the back of my mind, I’m like it’s 2:30am, I have to go back and share a room with this guy. Do I just bury it and hope that he’s truthful in saying he’s sorry or do I risk going home and experiencing that behaviour again?”.

How Chris and Jaimie’s Relationship Actually Ended

After speaking to friends and family, Jaimie decided to have an honest conversation with Chris.

She said they discussed why they wouldn’t work long term. This included their differences and the fact that she wouldn’t relocate to his native Queensland. She then suggested giving the experiment another shot for the next week.

Jaimie Gardner said that Chris Jenson was aggressive towards her after she suggested they give their relationship one more week on MAFS. Source: Nine.
Jaimie said that Chris was aggressive towards her after she suggested they give their relationship one more week. Source: Nine.

“If in a week’s time nothing develops, then we can both be comfortable that we tried,” Jaimie said she told Chris. It was then that Chris displayed the same aggressive behaviour he exhibited on their honeymoon.

“When I said that… he just exploded. He started storming around the apartment and throwing things into his bag and it was that aggressive energy again that I had experienced on the honeymoon,” she said.

Jaimie then messaged the producers asking for a separate room at the next hotel due to not feeling safe. It took them over an hour and a half to respond.

“Usually they were quite responsive, so I definitely felt alone… The only time we were around a producer was when Chris was there.”

Did The Other MAFS Contestants Know How Jaimie Was Being Treated?

Other contestants claimed they heard Chris yelling at Jaimie when they arrived at the next hotel, as mentioned in episode 59 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto.

Other MAFS constants claim to have heard Chris Jenson yelling at Jaimie Gardner at their hotel. Source: Nine.
Other MAFS constants claim to have heard Chris yelling at Jaimie at their hotel. Source: Nine.

“He stormed out, that’s when I got the text saying someone [from production] was coming to talk to me,” Jaimie recalled. “I had a conversation with producers and basically just broke down about everything that had gone on and the result of that conversation was: ‘Well, we don’t have a storyline’.”

Due to Jaimie and Chris having that conversation behind closed doors, producers suggested they rehash the explosive chat on camera. This was so they “[had] a storyline that [Jaimie] could exit the show on”.

Jaimie and Chris Were Almost Cut From The Show

Jamie claims the producers threatened Chris that the pair would be cut from the show. She says another contestant was told “if they could have cut [them] out they would, but for some reason they couldn’t”.

“Obviously, I would have preferred they just cut us out, otherwise I wouldn’t have to be here having to tell my story, right?” she told host Megan Pustetto of her Married at First Sight experience.

Jaimie Gardner is left wondering if Chris Jenson was ever honest during their time on MAFS. Source: Nine.
Jaimie is left wondering if Chris was ever honest during their time on the show. Source: Nine.

She also believes that there was an opportunity to “tell the truth” and “highlight that this kind of behaviour towards women is not acceptable.”

What Happened When Jaimie Found Out Chris Was On Bail When He Filmed MAFS?

“I mean, you couldn’t write this as a script, right? It’s insane,” Jaime told So Dramatic!.

“They [producers] either knew and they didn’t care, or they didn’t know,” she added, admitting that Chris “failed” in being truthful on the show.

“He spoke so much about being honest, but at what point was he honest?”

Since Chris’ charges have come to light, Jaimie says it is abundantly clear that her villain edit on the show was a poor decision.

“I just think they had the opportunity to…. show that what I experienced wasn’t okay,” she admitted. “They’ve chosen the wrong horse to back — because it’s blown up in their face.”

Listen to both Part One and Two of Jaimie Gardner’s Married At First Sight tell-all with So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto below!

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