Former Married at First Sight Australia bride and OnlyFans star Hayley Vernon has weighed in on how Olivia Frazer potentially found Domenica Calarco‘s nude content online.

When the nude photo scandal unfolded during the second-last dinner party of MAFS 2022, Olivia claimed she Googled the Italian bride because, apparently, that’s what you do if “someone smashes a glass in your face”.

However, while the 27-year-old continually asserted that Domenica’s OnlyFans snap was “right there on Google”, it is unlikely that this was the case.

In episode 162 of the So Dramatic! podcast’s AFTERMAFS series, Hayley said that Olivia would have “done some digging” to find the explicit content.

“I definitely think that she’s done some digging, whether it be on Twitter or something,” she said, addressing the fact that OnlyFans users — including Domenica — use social media to promote their profiles.

Hayley Vernon mafs onlyfans
Hayley Vernon, a successful OnlyFans creator, said Olivia would have “done some digging” to find the racy pic. Source: Nine.

While Hayley confirmed that content on the platform is behind a paywall, she said it isn’t difficult for someone to pay, then share that imagery onto other porn sites.

“It happens,” she confessed. “It’s really hard to police. Everyone has an iPhone these days where they can screenshot and they can send videos.

“[It’s] definitely plausible… and I could see how [the photo] would have got out there.”

Hayley Vernon Reveals How the OnlyFans Paywall Works

Hayley, who started her own successful OnlyFans page in 2020, likened an account on the platform to a Facebook wall.

“The easiest way to describe it is it’s like a Facebook wall. To gain access to that… you pay a subscription,” she explained, which is how users can access general content from the creator.

However, there is also a DM feature, but Hayley said she doesn’t chat to people “unless they pay a tip or [she sends] out a pay-per-view message”.

Hayley Vernon mafs onlyfans
Hayley Vernon explained how OnlyFans paywalls work. Source: Instagram @hayleyvernon2.0.

She explained: “It’s a message that comes with a little lock on it and a price tag… As soon as that subscriber pushes the little lock, that message is unlocked and that video is their’s for cost.”

While that cost “can vary from $1 up to $150”, Hayley revealed she sells her videos for a maximum of $19.95, which is then offered to upwards of 3,000 subscribers.

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