It was the most intense Married at First Sight Australia 2022 dinner party we’ve ever witnessed and Twitter went absolutely wild for it.

The fallout of the nude photo scandal was more than we could have ever imagined and as we squirmed through the most uncomfortable 1.5 hours of our lives, no one would have been more uncomfortable than our Kween Domenica Calarco.

domenica mafs 2022
Domenica found out in front of the entire group that a nude photo was circulating about her. Source: Nine.

After finding out that Olivia Frazer had not only Googled her for research but had distributed an OnlyFans pic of Domenica amongst the group, the bride was rightfully upset that no one had the ballz to say anything.

King Jack Millar, on the other hand, was the real hero, coming to his wife’s defence — however, the villain of the story, Olivia, played dumb with comments like “no judgement”, “my friend’s found it”, “I didn’t think anything of it!”

Looks like someone will have to go into witness protection after this shamozzle!

Let’s break it down and hear what Twitter had to say about it.

olivia mafs 2022
Olivia set off a grenade that sent shockwaves throughout the Married at First Sight dinner party. Source: Nine.

The Couples Were Asked By the Producer’s About the Nude Photo

When the couples were asked by the producers about the photo “that was discovered on a paid social media site for sharing private content (lol)”, everyone played dumb. Well, mostly Al Perkins.

Domenica and Jack’s Shared Love of Dogs Was the Wholesome Content We NEEDED

During their car ride to the dinner party, Jack and Domenica, who had no idea what was about to hit them, proved they were #couplegoals, getting excited over dogs on the sidewalk.

Dinner Is Served with a Side of Brutal Honesty from Cody Bromley

While sitting at dinner, Cody Bromley took it upon himself to tell Domenica that he had seen a nude photo of her and rather than coming to her defence, goddamn questioned whether Jack knew she had an OnlyFans account. SMH.

Tamara then Went for Domenica and Olivia Just Sat Back and Watched

In a shock move, Tamara Djordevic went for Domenica, getting angry AT HER, saying: “if you put it out there, you gotta own it”. Talk about sl*t shaming!

Olivia, the thrower of the bomb, just sat back and watched.

Jack Stands Up for Domenica — Playing Our Knight In Shining Armour

Jack stood up for Domenica on multpile occasions and after Domenica left with Australia’s bestie Ella Ding (who had no idea about the photo) to have a chat about the actual f*ck just happened, Jack again stood up for his bride.

Domenica vs Olivia — Everyone Was #TeamDomenica (Except the Other Couples FFS)

Olivia came clean about the pic, however, blamed her friend’s for sending it before Domenica called her “malicious”. It was on for young and old and everyone was TEAM DOMENICA the whole way.

The Experts Have Had Enough of this Sh*t

Rightfully so, the experts have had enough of Olivia’s behaviour — as well as the group mentality and thankfully, John will address it at the school assembly commitment ceremony on Sunday.

And the Internet Has Had Enough of Olivia

We don’t know about you, but Sunday cannot come quick enough!

Now, where’s our wine?!

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