While the Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s nude photo scandal continues to rage through the experiment, Domenica Calarco still doesn’t know which nude photograph of herself was circulating the group.

As reported in episode 160 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the feud between Domenica and Olivia Frazer reaches new heights when the latter uncovers imagery from Domenica’s OnlyFans account.

“Olivia found and leaked personal information about Domenica to the other cast members,” one current contestant dished.

mafs domenica 2022
A source has revealed that Domenica Calarco still isn’t aware of the exact photo her co-stars saw. Source: Nine.

Now, a Married at First Sight insider has revealed that, unlike their co-stars, the Italian bride and her bestie Ella Ding still haven’t seen the exact racy pic that was shown to the group.

“Ella and Dom never got to see the photo that everyone had seen that was circulating among the cast,” the source said. “No one ever showed them and still to this day they have not seen it.”

Accordingly, “Dom could only guess what photo it was”.

What Happens During the Nude Photo Scandal On Married at First Sight 2022?

According to a current contestant, Olivia distributes the content amongst the group behind Domenica’s back, showing the photo to every couple aside from Ella and Mitch Eynaud, who have been staunch supporters of the Domenica. Additionally, her husband, Jack Millar, was also in the dark about the raunchy photo.

“Domenica is blindsided at the dinner party and had no idea this was going around or was even going to be brought up,” they dished.

However, Selina Chhaur and Tamara Djordjevic were both planning to pull Domenica aside to tell her, but Cody Bromley beats them to it and brings it up…in front of ERRYONE.

Cody Bromley Selina Chhaur MAFS Married at First Sight Australia 2022
One contestant said that Cody Bromley (L) mentions the photo to Domenica in front of everyone. Source: Nine.

“In hindsight, we think he just wanted to involve himself because he knew he would get airtime,” the source dished. Could this be Cody’s way of distracting from the fact his apartment looks like a tip?

The source then dished that Tamara “goes off at everyone” despite having known about the pic herself.

The MAFS Cast Is Divided In The Wake Of The Nude Photo Scandal

Unsurprisingly, the incident results in “never seen before” drama, with alliances being formed in the wake of the scandal.

“A huge divide within the group begins to form this week,” one contestant dished, adding: “It’s Team Dom vs Team Olivia.”

olivia frazer mafs married at first sight australia 2022
Olivia Frazer earns the support of the group, according to a MAFS insider. Source: Nine.

The source also revealed that Domenica’s “only ally is Ella”, who “gets dragged into the drama” as a result of being “Dom’s mate”.

“It gets quite intense for them… It’s pretty f*cked how the entire group go about it,” the contestant said. “They literally went on a witch hunt for Domenica. Olivia is just trying to tarnish Dom’s reputation and paint her as the bad guy to save herself.

“It was pretty sh*tty that the group fell for it.”

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