Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Tamara Djordjevic has lashed out at a radio host who rudely suggested she find herself a sugar daddy.

The fiery MAFS Australia bride appeared on Hit NSW’s Breakfast with Maz & Lakey when things took a sharp turn for the worst.

Referencing Tamara’s comments that she “doesn’t want someone with no money”, host Danny Lakey suggested the 29-year-old look into pursuing “a sugar daddy sort of arrangement”.

Danny explained that after watching the marriage experiment he figured that dating “successful men” is a “number one” priority for Tamara.

MAFS Tamara
Tamara Djordjevic was told by a radio host that she should get “a sugar daddy”. Source: Nine

Understandably, Tamara was pretty furious. She maintained that she was simply after a partner with “the same aspirations” as her, and girl, fair enough!

She doubled down on her on-screen explanation, telling the hosts: “It’s definitely not what I am saying. What I am saying is, I don’t want to look after somebody again. That’s what’s happened to me in the past.”

“I’m happy to look after myself, I don’t need a sugar daddy to look after me,” she added.

Tamara’s MAFS Audition Tape Further Explains Her “Pretentious” Comments

Tamara found herself in some hot water after her hubby Brent Vitiello watched her MAFS Australia audition tape during the show’s Confessions Week.

The tape revealed that the bride’s standards are high and she expects a partner to match her on every level.

Brent was dismayed to hear Tamara admit she “doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t have a good career” or “[has] no money”.

MAFS Tamara Brent
 Tamara admitted that she was aware her comments in her MAFS audition tape sounded “vain”. Source: Nine

Whilst she knew her comments sounded “vain”, Tamara told the camera that was simply the truth.

Her full audition tape (yes, FULL, because MAFS Australia producers cut part of it out for *drama*) revealed a deeper reason behind her snobbish comments.

Tamara said she was scarred from her past relationship, where her ex “sort of tricked [her] into believing that he was the same” as her.

She added that she had been so convinced he Mr. Right, that the pair even bought a house together – which she has “now bought him out for, so it’s [hers]”.

mafs tamara
Since the start of MAFS, Australia Tamara has maintained that she refuses to drop her standards. Source: Nine

Tamara admitted that she eventually realised she was the one making all the decisions in the relationship. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with her.

You know what they say; keep your head high and your standards higher!

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