Last night on Married at First Sight Australia 2022 we discovered that there is, in fact, something worse than the honesty box and it is called Reflections Week.

Essentially, ~rEfLEcTioNs wEeK~ is just the MAFS producers’ way of saying: “We are going to force you to rewatch all of the worst things you have said about each other”.

We had to relive Cody Bromley’s horrid wedding confessions about how Selina Chhaur was “mesmerised” by him but she “wasn’t his cup of tea”. We also saw Olivia Frazer continue to dig herself a hole and gloat (again) that she holds a grudge, but likes that about herself. Delightful. 

MAFS 2022 Brent and Tamara
Brent and Tamara were somehow the light entertainment of MAFS‘ first reflections week episode. Source: Nine.

However, the episode was saved by Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic (we know, last night was full of surprises). 

Heading into Reflections Week Tamara and Brent had “every reason to be positive” — but clearly the narrator hasn’t heard the amount of sh*t Tamara has chatted behind her husband’s back for literally the entire experiment!

We digress.

Brent and Tamara Rewatched Their MAFS Wedding Confessionals 

First, we got to see Tamara’s camera confessionals from the wedding where she completely roasted her groom behind his back.

She laughed it off and we may have seen Brent’s heart shatter (just a little) in real-time.

Somehow (in Brent’s eyes), it was rescued by her saying she saw that “there was potential” and she “thought he was a nice guy”.

MAFS 2022 Brent and Tamara wedding
Brent and Tamara rewatched the confessionals from their MAFS wedding. Source: Nine.

We saw Brent gas her up, like the kind king he is, during their wedding when he very proudly told the camera that he and Tamara have been “getting along quite nicely”….

Brent, the bar is low even Simone Biles couldn’t limbo under it.

We Were Reminded of MAFS‘ Brent Vitiello’s “Feet Thing”

The MAFS wedding confessionals were followed by the long-lost clip of Brent revealing his wild foot phobia. Yep, remember that?

“Don’t look down,” he repeatedly said in the tape. Then, he sighed: “Ah, she’s got nice feet.”

MAFS 2022 Brent foot phobia
In the very first episode of MAFS 2022 we were made aware of Brent’s aversion to feet. Source: Nine.

Brent admitted that he was concerned he would now always be known as “the foot guy”.

We (kind of) promise to NEVER refer to him as that…

MAFS 2022 Brent Vitiello
During MAFS Reflections Week we were reminded of Brent’s wild foot phobia. Source: Nine.

Conveniently, MAFS producers forgot to include Foot Guy’s comments about his wife being a “psychopath”….

Sheesh… how has THAT much sh*t gone down during MAFS 2022 that we all forgot that Brent was deathly scared of feet???

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The Best Tweets From Brent and Tamara’s MAFS Reflections Week Task

Naturally, Twitter sounded off with recollections of Brent’s foot fetish and how the tidbit got lost among the dumpster fire that is Married at First Sight 2022.

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