Kate Laidlaw wed Matt Ridley wed in the first intruder wedding of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 and Twitter’s reactions to the chicken Twistie-filled cringe-fest are absolute gold.

Kate, who has never had a real relationship, and Matt, who has been married before, were a match made in hell from the very start.

Whilst their initial altar meet-cute was somewhat bearable, things went downhill. Fast. 

MAFS Kate and Matt
Kate and Matt’s MAFS wedding was incredibly cringey. Source: Nine

Naturally, this is the sh*t the Twitter-verse thrives on.

Kate’s First Impression of Matt Wasn’t Great

The wedding was strange (understatement) from the very beginning.

Upon laying eyes on her groom, Kate looked positively dissapointed.

The 38-year-old bride revealed in a camera confessional that her groom wasn’t “her type, physically” and uhhh, what?

Given that Kate had literally JUST spoken about being bullied and feeling insecure in her appearance, this comment was NOT it.

She added that she wanted “someone to call her beautiful” but when Matt did just that, she very visibly got the ick.

The Pair’s Wedding Photoshoot Was Awkward AF

Kate and Matt followed up their ceremony with, arguably, the most awkward photoshoot EVER. And remember, we are talking about MAFS, so that’s really saying something.

The bride kissed Matt with her eyes open like a nervous 13-year-old and Twitter was confused AF (as were we).

Finally, The Much Anticipated Twistie Incident

After a tonne of build-up to what shall now be dubbed only as “the MAFS Twistie incident”, we finally got to see Matt apologise for kissing his bride with chicken Twistie-scented breath. 

Ah, just what every girl dreams of on her wedding day.

“Sorry ‘bout my breath. I just had some chicken Twisties,” is going down in the MAFS hall of fame.

Given the hype around Matt’s cracker of a line, it’s no surprise Twitter went f*cking bonkers over it. TBH, we did too.

We are pretty sure we just watched Kate’s brain short-circuit and reboot in real time.

Matt Got Touchy-Feely With Kate During Their Reception

During a post-photoshoot yarn, Matt could not keep his hands off his new bride. Like, literally.

Kate was obviously uncomfortable, and Twitter was quick to point out that Matt was giving off some seriously weird vibes.

She plucked up the courage to politely ask him to chill with the handsiness. Matt replied by getting more handsy.

The groom also compared Kate to an onion, which (understandably) caused her look like she wanted to run TF away as fast as possible.

Not to mention, he had earlier proclaimed that he “likes a good sex” and had “great success” with picking up models at bars… Because that’s worked out so well for him so far.

The whole wedding was just so, so weird — even by MAFS standards. *Shudders*

Twitter Thought There Was Another Contestant Who Would Have Been Better Suited to Matt

Given Matt’s spiel about wanting kids (and the fact he’s a little *quirky*) viewers were quick to suggest that MAFS producers royally effed up the pairings. Again.

Fans soon pointed out that Matt is pretty much exactly what former bride Holly Greenstein had asked for.

He would have ticked all her boxes. This was a YUGE missed opportunity.

If you are just as exhausted as we are from the confusing mess that was Kate and Matt’s wedding, then buckle up — we have a feeling the ride is only just beginning.

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