Across its nine seasons, Married at First Sight Australia has facilitated the conception of some of the worst, most head-scratch-inducing couples to have ever graced Aussie (dare we say, global) reality TV screens.

There have been a whopping 86 matches throughout the duration of the experiment. However, only *checks notes* six of them are still together.

Those deadset shocking statistics indicate that the experts are pretty dreadful matchmakers. However, they are damn good at creating dynamics that act as a tinderbox for drama.

mafs experts australia 2022
The MAFS Australia experts have a terrible track record. Source: Nine.

So, from the incidental failures to just plain f*cked, take a trip down memory lane as we recount the worst couples in MAFS Australia’s history.

Dion Giannarelli and Carolina Santos – Season Nine

mafs carolina and sion
Carolina Santos cheated on Dion Giannarelli. Source: Nine.

Dion Giannarelli and Carolina Santos entered as intruders halfway through the cursed AF experiment and their relationship crumbled pretty damn fast.

Carolina continuously took jabs at her husband’s height and relished every chance had to put him down.

Their dumpster-fire of a marriage was over when it came out that Carolina had been cheating on Dion with Daniel Holmes.

The adulterous pair even had the gall to rock up (uninvited) to a Commitment Ceremony and ask to reenter the experiment as a new couple.

Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic – Season Nine

mafs brent tamara wedding
It remains a mystery how Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello made it to the Final Vows. Source: Nine.

Right from the get-go, it was clear that Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic were going to be one of the worst couples in MAFS history.

During their reception, the bride panicked when she found out her new hubby worked in hospitality. Accordingly, she proceeded to go on a wild spiel about how retail and hospitality workers are “unambitious”.

Tamara continued to make her disapproval of Brent’s career clear throughout the season.

After somehow making it through the whole experiment, their crappy marriage came to a crash-hot end at the Final Vows, with Brent roasting his bride with no mercy.

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson – Season Eight

married at first sight bryce and melissa wedding
Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson are one of the most controversial couples in MAFS Australia history. Source: Nine.

Bryce Ruthvens treatment of Melissa Rawson was so bad that viewers launched a petition to have Channel Nine apologise for failing their duty of care to the bride throughout the experiment. ‘Nuff said.

However, they are one of the only MAFS pairings that are actually still together. So, maybe there is something to be said for that?

Coco Stedman and Sam Carraro – Season Eight

coco stedman sam carraro
Coco Stedman and Sam Carraro were a mismatched MAFS couple. Source: Nine.

While they certainly aren’t the worst couple in MAFS history, Coco Stedman and Sam Carraro were easily one of the most poorly matched.

From day dot, their personalities clashed and their wedding was just one big ball of chaos and awkwardness. We still cringe thinking about this sometimes.

Their time on the show culminated in Coco cheating on her groom with Cam Dunne.

Hayley Vernon and David Cannon – Season Seven

hayley vernon david cannon
Hayley Vernon and David cannon’s “marriage” ended in scandal. Source: Nine.

Cheating, glass-smashing and nude-photo scandals aside, no MAFS controversy was quite as mind-blowing as the “toothbrush poo” scandal of the show’s seventh season.

The scandal broke out after it came to light that David Cannon had cleaned the toilet with his wife Hayley Vernon‘s toothbrush because he found out she had kissed another groom.


If they weren’t already one of MAFS worst couples ever, then they certainly were after that debacle.

Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish – Season Six

mafs ines and bronson
Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish’s marriage was a mess from day dot. Source: Nine.

Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish‘s “marriage” kicked off with the bride patronising her new groom for sporting an eyebrow ring at their wedding.

This was followed by a sh*tstorm of a honeymoon where she told Bronson to STFU… which was followed by an explosive commitment ceremony in which Bronson retaliated, saying she was “acting like a c*nt.”

Ines ended up cheating with Sam Ball, just as a kicker.

Surprise, surprise! Their marriage flopped.

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira – Season Six

mafs mel and dino wedding
Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira were totally different personalities. Source: Nine.

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira were another poorly paired season six couple.

The pair did not gel and party girl Mel clashed repeatedly with her spiritual yogi husband.

Their relationship descended into chaos when Dino decided that it was acceptable to record his wife’s phone conversations (wut?) and Mel disagreed.

He broke up with her via poem, which was just as ridiculous as it sounds.

Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham – Season Six

married at first sight australia mike and heidi
Mike Gunner gaslit his “wife” Heidi Latcham. Source: Nine.

Wow, season six of MAFS really was a cesspit for crap couples!

Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham had a toxic AF “marriage” and are up there as one of Married at First Sight‘s worst couples of all time.

Mike was a textbook gaslighter and spoke down to his wife constantly. The experts failed to call out his behaviour and their relationship was quite painful to watch at times.

Spoiler: They broke up only two days after filming the Final Vows.

Deb Brosnan and John Robertson – Season Four

mafs season 4 deb and john
Deb Brosnan was not happy that John Robertson was white. Source: Nine.

As a pair, Deb Brosnan and John Robertson weren’t the worst MAFS couple, but Deb was fo’ sure up there as one of the most delusional brides.

Basically, Deb really (like really) wanted a Polynesian husband. And, well, John was not Polynesian.

She held that against him for the entirety of their time on the show. Wild.

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