Married at First Sight alumni Hayley Vernon has responded to fans after she was called out for singing a racial slur in a now-deleted TikTok.

On Wednesday, the 34-year-old found herself in hot water after posting a video of her lip-syncing to ‘MMM MMM’ by Kali, where she can clearly be seen miming the N-word.

After being called out online, the OnlyFans star responded with a follow-up post on the platform.

mafs hayley vernon
Former MAFS bride Hayley Vernon has been c called out for miming the N-word in a now-deleted TikTok video. Source: Nine.

Hayley apologised, maintaining that she had “learnt from her mistake,” and that she never meant to offend anyone.

“F*ck, that’s all I can say. I f*cked up yesterday. You’ve f*cked up? Have I f*cked up? We’ve all f*cked up,” she vented.

“What I think is the funniest is people that don’t know me are like, ‘Sis, are you going to apologise for what you did? F*cking oath I am! You know why? Because I’m not backwards at coming forwards. I admit when I f*ck up.

“Am I sorry for putting [the video] on social media not realising the kind of impact it can have against a group of people? Yes.”

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Hayley Deflected the Blame On to the Musicians Who Use the N-Word In Their Music

Despite saying that she owned her mistakes, the content creator’s apology took a sharp turn as Hayley voiced that she thought musicians should be “held accountable” for using the racial slur in their songs.

A masterclass in deflection, Hayley lamented: “I think there’s a broader issue at play here, that the people that are bringing out these songs need to be held accountable.” Wut?

“I will hold myself individually accountable, but if we’re going to [ban] that word, we need to do a whole f*cking list of words.”

Hayley added: “Let’s get real… [using a racial slur] would be offensive if] f I was attacking a person if I was directing it at them. But I was singing a song, miming a song.”

Followers were quick to call her out (once again) in the comments, this time for deflecting the blame.

Hayley Isn’t the Only MAFS Star Who Has Been Called Out For Using Racist Language Recently

Hayley isn’t the only Married at First Sight Australia star who has been called out online for singing racial slurs recently.

In early April, Martha Kalifatidis issued an apology after singing a racist term in a since-deleted Instagram video saw her dumped by a famous brand.

Fans were swift in their criticisms after the 33-year-old shared a video on Instagram of herself singing along to Nicki Minaj‘s Only while in the car on March 25.

martha kalifatidis racist slur
Martha Kalifatidis has been dropped from brands after slinging a racist term on her Instagram Story. Source: Instagram @marthaa__k.

However, it wasn’t the song that copped backlash (or the fact that she’s driving while using her phone), but Martha’s use of the N-word multiple times while singing the lyrics.

The famed influencer quickly deleted the video from her Story, and issued an apology.

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