This year, Olivia Frazer has seemingly surpassed 2021 groom Bryce Ruthven as the most controversial Married at First Sight Australia contestant of all time.

And in true Bryce form, he has continued to defend her actions on the show, saying he can relate to her.

“Olivia and Jackson, [mine and Melissa’s] heart goes out to them. Watching them felt like we were watching us, just with roles reversed with Olivia being more like myself,” Bryce told the Herald Sun about this year’s season of MAFS.

“I think what they have copped — particularly Olivia — outside of the show is next level and it is unacceptable.”

Bryce then revealed that he and partner Melissa Rawson have reached out to Frazer and her MAFS husband Jackson Lonie and gushed about the pair.

“We have been in touch with them and spoken to them and honestly they seem like two great humans and are nice people. They are living together, you are not living together unless you have something good going on.”

Birds of a feather really do flock together, ey?!

Bryce Defends Olivia After The MAFS Nude Photo Scandal

Bryce, who was anointed as the 2021 MAFS villain after fans branded his relationship with Melissa Rawson as “toxic”, took to social media to defend 2022’s “mean girl” Oliva.

During a MAFS dinner party, it emerged that Olivia had found Domenica Calarco‘s OnlyFans and distributed nude images of the bride amongst the group. Ever the “hero”, Bryce jumped onto Instagram to defend Olivia, accusing MAFS producers of manufacturing drama.

What Did Bryce Say In Olivia’s Defence?

Taking to his Instagram Stories, the former MAFS groom wrote: “I seem to recall going to a particular dinner party where I had everyone attacking myself over a forced producer act that led to some of the worst acting seen on TV”.

“According to expert John [Aiken]… [this was] acceptable behaviour in 2021. Not acceptable in 2022. Go figure? All tonight’s show is missing is Dion’s edited voiceover again,” he continued.

However, we have a hunch that this whole “nude photo scandal” is a little more than just some tactical editing TBH.

Married at first Sight Bryce Ruthven
MAFS 2021
Bryce was the centre of many a controversy during his stint on MAFS 2021. Source: Nine.

Olivia Is Not the First MAFS 2022 Contestant Bryce Has Defended

Olivia is not the first contentious MAFS 2022 contestant that Bryce has publically defended.

Earlier this month, Bryce slammed the MAFS experts and defended 2022 participant Mitch Eynaud in a bizarre rant posted to his Instagram stories.

The father-of-two uploaded a clip from the Married at First Sight commitment ceremony where expert John Aiken scolded Mitch after he was kind of a d*ck to his bride Ella Ding.

Naturally, Bryce put in his (unasked for) two cents, exclaiming: “John probably thinks he’s right, but to back Mitch up here…”

Ah yes, one gaslighting MAFS groom defending another.

Bryce pointed out that the experiment is “a toxic environment created by toxic people.”

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He mocked the expert, saying: “Just because it doesn’t work in TV land it doesn’t work in the outside world — how’d that go for you, John?”

Bryce then listed everything he has achieved with his now-fiancée Melissa, who he met on the show last year. He also suggested he and Mel should be appointed as the new MAFS experts.

“Twins, engagement… it’s working pretty good for us isn’t it?” he laughed.

Yep, because Bryce and Melissa are a STELLAR example of a healthy, definitely-not-toxic relationship…

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