Former Married at First Sight Australia groom Bryce Ruthven has slammed the MAFS experts and defended 2022 participant Mitch Eynaud in a bizarre rant posted to his Instagram stories.

The controversial 2021 contestant uploaded a clip from the latest Married at First Sight commitment ceremony showing expert John Aiken scolding Mitch. In the clip, he told the groom that if he can’t get his sh*t together with Ella Ding, then the pair “will never make it outside in the real world”. Brutal.

Naturally, Bryce put in his (unasked for) two cents, exclaiming: “John probably thinks he’s right, but to back Mitch up here…”

Ah yes, one gaslighting MAFS groom defending another.

Bryce pointed out that the experiment is “a toxic environment created by toxic people.”

He mocked the expert, saying: “Just because it doesn’t work in TV land it doesn’t work in the outside world – how’d that go for you, John?”

Bryce then listed everything he has achieved with his now-fiancée Melissa Rawson, who he met on the show last year.

“Twins, engagement… it’s working pretty good for us isn’t it?” he laughed.

Yep, because Bryce and Melissa are a STELLAR example of a healthy, definitely-not-toxic relationship…

Bryce Continued To Slam Married at First Sight

Bryce followed up his attempt at a motivational speech with a clip of John “enlightening” Mitch and Ella with an allegory of past MAFS couples.

“[Contestants] say ‘we got through your experiment. The real world is easy,'” John mused in the episode.

Bryce captioned the video with a not-so-subtle dig, writing: “They’re right. The real world is easy because you haven’t got bullsh*t around you created from p*******.” It appears as though the blanked out p-word was referring to the MAFS producers.

John then mentioned successful couples of seasons past have since had kids and are making their pairing work IRL. Bryce, for whatever reason, thought the expert was referring to him and him alone.

It’s not like Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson haven’t hit the same milestones, but whatever…

A riled-up Bryce said: “The show that cut out any positive footage of [their] relationship is taking credit for us having kids”.

Bryce slammed Married at First Sight and defended Mitch in an Instagram rant. Source: Instagram @bryceruthven

He then suggested that he and Melissa should be the new MAFS experts and God help us all.

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