Those cooked *celebrity* boxing matches that pit washed-up reality TV stars against each other, (ya know, the ones which have been continually shoved down our throats without consent for the past six months?) finally took place last night.

We’ve taken one for the team and paid $21 to watch the all drama unfold in the ring so we could dutifully report back to you. This is our version of the Super Bowl after all…

Facing off in the ring for the main event at the Melbourne Pavillion on October 15 were Daniel Holmes and his Married at First Sight Australia 2022 co-star Brent Vitiello, who have been feuding IRL for what feels like forever.

Along with their fellow MAFS alum Jackson Lonie who was up against 2021 groom Sam Carraro in the heavyweight category.

The event was entitled ‘Fight at First Sight’ (READ: a desperate attempt to stay relevant). We guess they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do…

And we can all thank the masterminds over at Team Ellis Boxing for cooking up this glorious mess for all of us to devour. Chef’s kiss!

Watching the epic showdowns from the crowd were a number of MAFS alum including Al Perkins, Jack Millar (and his Love Island girlfriend Courtney Stubbs), Carolina Santos, Tamara Djordjevic, Olivia Frazer, Jessica SeracinoAnthony Cincotta, Cody Bromley, Kate Laidlaw and Matt Ridley. And did someone say MAFS Reunion Round 2?

Also in attendance was MAFS Season Eight’s Bryce Ruthven and his wife Melissa RawsonBachelor in Paradise superspreader Ciarran Stott and one-third of our upcoming Bachelors Jed McIntosh. Seems like everyone who is anyone was there! Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail…

After six long months of childish back and forth in the lead-up to the highly anticipated matches, the results are finally in and thank god we don’t ever have to hear about this gross display of toxic masculinity ever again (we hope!).

Daniel Holmes DEFEATS MAFS Rival Brent Vitiello in Their Highly-Anticipated Boxing Match!

Daniel defeated his rival Brent in their stoush, also ending their never-ending feud once and for all (hopefully). Honestly, I can’t remember a time when these two weren’t beefing.

The pair’s feud has been the talk of the reality TV world for almost six months now after their rivalry spilled into the real world. However, the fight itself was relatively uneventful and definitely did not live up to the hype the pair generated IMO.

Neither of the former MAFS grooms managed to land any stand-out hits on the other, and I’ve honestly seen better fights at my local pub between women for free…

After three rounds, Daniel was declared the winner via judge’s decision.

daniel brent boxing match
daniel boxing match
Daniel was victorious over his rival Brent via a decision after three rounds. Source: Tamara Jane Photos.

In his post-match acceptance speech, Rocky Balboa Daniel didn’t pass up the opportunity to boast about the win, as well as rub salt into the wound of Brent and those who doubted him.

“Doubt me now, doubt me now, doubt me now,” he yelled into the microphone before challenging one of Brent’s mates Jackson O’Doherty (??) to a future match, obvs feeling very confident after his big W.

It must have been a pretty sweet victory for Daniel who was booed by crowds upon entering the ring. Talk about sweet, sweet revenge, ay?

After the match, he posted a photo with his trainer Steven Rados, saying: “WE DID IT!”

He continued: “Months of work comes down to one moment. Great night. Thank you @stevenrados @justinfrost14 for helping me become a fighter. thank you @brentleon_ for the challenge. @teamellisboxing for the event. Time to soak it all in [sic].”

In another plot twist no one saw coming, Brent and Daniel’s ex-MAFS wives Tamara and Carolina made a surprise appearance as ring girls for the match.

MAFS’ Jackson Lonie Beats Sam Carraro With a KNOCKOUT!

The sold-out event also saw MAFS 2022’s Jackson go head-to-head against 2021 groom Sam aka Slim Shady in the heavyweight category.

Their fight was slightly more eventful, with more impactful punches thrown. However, nowhere near as eventful as the last Team Ellis boxing match which saw Sam punch Bryce outside the ring after his fight against Love Island’s Todd Elton. #NeverForget.

In Round 3, in another plot twist no one saw coming, Jackson defeated the favourite on the night, Sam, in spectacular fashion with a KNOCKOUT!

jackson lonie sam carraro boxing match
Jackson defeated Sam in spectacular fashion with a KNOCKOUT! Source: Team Ellis Boxing.

The impressive KO from Jackson resulted in Sam dramatically folding to the floor where he lay unconscious for a few seconds. And we’ve got a feeling WWE is defs going to be knocking on his door trying to sign him now.

After regaining consciousness, Sam was up standing for the official winner’s declaration where he could be seen whispering something to Jackson. So, we went straight to the source to find out what was said because we’re nosy as sh*t.

Jackson exclusively told So Dramatic!: “He just said that he should have bet on me for the knockout.” And yep, hindsight is a beautiful thing, Sam…

sam jackson boxing match mafs
Sam could be seen whispering something to Jackson following the fight. Source: Team Ellis Boxing.

Before the fight, the pair were also involved in a fiery pre-match verbal exchange in which a cocky Sam slung multiple insults at Jackson and flexed his boxing skills (??), extremely confident of a win.

“You can’t dance for sh*t,” Sam jeered at Jackson. “I’ve seen you hit the pads as well… embarrassing.”

He continued: “I saw the reject that you fought before too… laughable. I heard you like getting punched in the face. Feels good, doesn’t it? Wait until you feel this shot on your head.” And we have it on good authority that Shakespeare is currently rolling in his grave…

Another plot twist was the fact that Jackson’s ex, Olivia, was not only in attendance and proudly cheering him on from the crowd, but following the fight, she also took to Instagram to congratulate him, writing: “So proud of @jacklonie1.”

Their MAFS co-star Anthony wrote: “Winner winner chicken dinner [sic].”

What Happened After the MAFS Boxing Matches?

Following the matches, all of the contenders and their cheer squads headed out to let off even more steam and to celebrate their wins or loses.

Brent was seen kissing a large 5L bottle of Belevedere vodka at a nightclub with his girlfriend Taylor Davey and MAFS besties Jack and Al.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Jackson also hit the town together to celebrate their wins.

Daniel posted a selfie of the pair with the caption: “Months of work. ❤️”

daniel holmes jackson lonie boxing
Daniel and Jackson also hit the town together to celebrate their wins. Source: Instagram.

He also shared an erotic video of two almost naked blonde women making out whilst wearing light-up glasses flashing the word “winner.” Classy!

Married at First Sight’s Brent ASSAULTS Boxing Rival Daniel OUTSIDE the Ring at Pre-Match Weigh-In

The drama and chaos of the night comes just one day after Brent assaulted Daniel outside the ring at the pre-match weigh-in.

The two MAFS grooms were eyeing each other off and exchanging barbs during their pre-match face-off.

However, things quickly turned south when Brent grabbed Daniel’s face with both hands and pushed him backwards.

Daniel Claims it Was Brent Who Started the Altercation

Daniel did not retaliate to the attack and didn’t seem too phased, as he laughed it off.

The two MAFS grooms were eyeing each other off and exchanging barbs during their pre-match face-off. Source: Instagram.

Speaking exclusively to So Dramatic! he said that the former bar manager was the one who started the altercation.

“He said to me, “you can’t hide behind a keyboard now.” I said, “bro, one, I didn’t even say things to you online, I just made posters, and two, who uses keyboards? It’s called a phone,” he revealed to So Dramatic!. Touché!

Brent Reveals His Reasons For Assaulting Daniel Outside the Boxing Ring

When contacted for comment, Brent revealed his reasons for assaulting Daniel outside the boxing ring.

“Well, all that sh*t talk and disrespect comes with a price,” he explained. “I told him he can’t hide behind his keyboard anymore. I’ll teach him a lesson in the ring, while still upholding my respect and values outside the ring.”

He then added: “He has no moral compass and will pay for it.” Yikes!

It’s Not the First Time Married at First Sight’s Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello Have Come to Blows

In a press conference with Team Ellis’ Matt Testro on October 5, Brent and Daniel went back and forth over who was most prepared for the fight.

“How confident are you, Brent? How confident are you, champion?” Daniel taunted his opponent. “You confident you’re gonna win? Put a bet on it.”

The intruder groom then dared Brent to chuck $1,000 on the fight.

“It’s me verse a lettuce,” Brent mused. “Oh, f*ck yeah, done. $1,000 bet, brother.”

However, Daniel wasn’t convinced that his on and off-screen rival could pull the right punches, expressing he’d make “easy money” on the day.

“You heard it here first, $1,000 bet. That’s how confident you are… Sweet,” he said. “Easy money, because I’m partying with that, after the fight, with that money.

“Cheers, brother.”

brent daniel team ellis press conference
Prior to their fight, the two MAFS grooms waged a bet on who will win their boxing match. Source: Instagram.

The tense press conference and weigh-in follows Daniel’s unsavoury choice to post a death notice-style promotion ahead of the celebrity boxing match.

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