Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Daniel Holmes has clapped back at Brent Vitiello after he slammed the intruder groom for “talking sh*t” about donating money to charity off the back of their celebrity boxing match.

The pair are set to go head-to-head in a boxing match on October 15, after their tense on-screen feud spilled into the real world post-show.

However, the pair is already coming to blows after Daniel claimed that the 33-year-old essentially opted to donate money from the fight’s ticket sales to charity for clout.

Chatting to So Dramatic! on August 2, Brent said it was “disgusting” that the intruder groom weaponised his charitable efforts, calling Daniel “low as f*ck”. He also suggested that Daniel was lying about his own decision to donate a “lump sum” to charity, too.

Now, the fellow TV groom has taken to his Instagram Story to try and prove that Brent “fabricated” what really happened between them.

What Did Daniel Holmes Say After Brent Vitiello Called Him Out?

On August 2, Daniel said he’d prefer not to talk about Brent, however, wanted to show his followers “what’s up”.

“All I said [about Brent] was if your gonna donate to a charity that’s awesome I’ve planned to do the same from day dot (which I’ll prove in a sec) [sic],” he penned.

“What I said was don’t mislead people with quotes like ‘all sales go to charity at least be clear that it’s 15 per cent of the sale from people who use your link.”

brent daniel fight charity
Daniel reiterated on his Instagram Story that he’d essentially be “fighting for free”. Source: Instagram @_danielholmes_.

The 31-year-old also noted that a “huge chunk of prize money” will be awarded to Brent, too.

As for Daniel, he reiterated that he’ll be “fighting for free” as he opted not to use an affiliate ticking booking link.

“Instead only get a chunk of prize money that will all go to my coach and the rest to charity. [sic].”

He added that he’s okay with being the “villain” in Brent’s story, however, “in this instance [he] won’t let it [slide]”.

brent daniel fight charity
Source: Instagram @_danielholmes_.

Daniel Holmes Provides Receipts Amid His Feud Boxing Match with Brent Vitiello

Brent previously told So Dramatic! that “behind closed doors”, he approached Daniel to suggest that both fighters donate to charity.

That same day, Daniel reportedly went “live” and revealed he’d be donating a phat cheque to charity, later slamming Brent for just offering up 15 per cent of proceeds.

As such, the former hospo worker told fans to be “wary” as Daniel was yet to disclose what charity he was supporting.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Declaring donating money was “the plan since the fight was announced”, Daniel has provided receipts for his dealings with an unnamed organisation.

He highlighted that his first correspondence was on June 7, with most of the email blacked out aside from the money talk.

“I’ll be splitting my prize money 80-20,” it read. “My coach will receive 80 per cent and I’d love to donate the remainder to your organisation. [sic].”

In a subsequent Story, Daniel mused that he and Brent “are a different breed”.

“This guy thrives off public acceptance, I’m just chillin”,” he wrote. “It didn’t even need to come to this as I had no intention of coming public with what I was planning to do with the prize money. [sic].”

To conclude, Daniel recaptulated that “yes [he is] fighting for free”.

“And no I’m not talking sh*t.”

Stay tuned, because if there’s one thing we’re sure of, there’ll be more to come.

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