They may not be headed into the ring until October, but Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Brent Vitiello has come out swinging against rival Daniel Holmes for slamming his decision to donate fight funds to charity.

The pair are set to go head-to-head in a boxing match on October 15, after their tense on-screen feud spilled into the real world post-show.

As a newly-minted ambassador for It’s Okay, No To Be Okay, Brent announced that a portion of his cut from the fight’s ticket sales would be donated to the mental health charity.

Now, he’s calling out the intruder groom for claiming that the 33-year-old is using his charity affiliations to “help [his] public image”.

brent fight mafs donation
Brent recently announced that a percentage of funds raised from ticket sales with go to It’s Okay, Not To Be Okay. Source: Instagram.

Chatting to So Dramatic!, Brent says it was “really scummy” of Daniel to slam the extent to which he’s trying to support charities.

“It’s disgusting enough that he’s tried to attack someone trying to do good because the whole purpose of the charity that I’m doing this for is to have a voice, to raise awareness,” he said. “His behaviour… it’s just low as f*ck.”

What Did Daniel Holmes Say About Brent Vitiello’s Charity Efforts?

In a since-expired Instagram Story, Daniel said that “Brent’s still tryna look like the good guy [sic]”.

“What it actually means is if you use his link, he’ll get 15% of that sale which is what he’s donating to a charity, ” he penned. “F*cking hate misleading idiots, using a charity just to help their public image. [sic].”

The 31-year-old added that the sale percentage “is minimal in comparison to prize money”.

brent daniel charity boxing match
Daniel claimed that Brent was just “tryna look like the good guy” by donating to charity. Source: Instagram @_danielholmes_.

According to Daniel, he “personally negotiated” to forgo having an affiliate sale link. Instead, he’ll “only get prize money”, which he says will “all be donated to charity”.

“I’m literally fighting for free.”

Brent Vitiello Approached Daniel Holmes About Donating Sales from the Fight to Charity

Brent also told So Dramatic! that he originally approached Daniel with the suggestion that they both donate funds to charity following the fight.

“What’s funny is, behind closed doors, I went to Daniel telling him that he should do it for charity as well,” he confessed. “So I didn’t do it for clout. I didn’t do it so anyone could see. I messaged him, saying, you know, we should do some good with this [fight].”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

That same day, Brent says Daniel went “live”, announcing he would be donating a “lump sum to charity”.

“But be very wary because he hasn’t mentioned one charity that he’s associated with,” the TV groom noted. “Funny that right? So, he’s talking sh*t.”

Brent added that the drama Daniel is perpetuating is made all the more disappointing as It’s Okay, Not To Be Okay works to support those suffering from mental health issues — something Daniel has been open about struggling with himself.

“It’s just taken away from what charity is and why we’re doing it, considering he’s suffered from mental health as well.”

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