Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Brent Vitiello and Daniel Homes will go head-to-head in a celebrity boxing match after an off-screen feud reached boiling point.

It’s not unusual for former reality TV stars to break out the boxing gloves and now, the two MAFS grooms will face off in the main event after Brent called Daniel out for declining to fight their co-star, Mitch Eynaud.

“You ran from [Mitch] but would you run from me?” Brent taunted the 30-year-old via his Instagram Story. “Can someone tell this stick in the mud that I’ll jump in the ring with him now, yesterday, tomorrow or next week!”

Daniel then shared the fan-favourites post to his own story, calling on Team Ellis Boxing (the organisation behind the celebrity matches) to “send [Brent] the details” for a fight.

Now, Daniel has exclusively told So Dramatic! that the brewing fight “stemmed a lot from the Dion [Giannarelli] saga” in which Brent staunchly stood up for the intruder groom after Daniel hooked up with his TV wife, Carolina Santos.

He continued: “None of the guys like me because of what went down with Dion and Carolina… but Brent just doubled down on the show. He just always had really sh*tty things to say.”

Daniel said his beef with Brent stemmed from when he started seeing Carolina Santos behind Dion Giannarelli’s back. Source: Nine.

According to Daniel, Brent was calling the former TV groom and Carolina “peasants” and “all this really nasty stuff” at the MAFS reunion dinner party, which was ultimately cut from the final edit.

“It’s even continued after the show… So, there’s no better opportunity [than a fight] to sort it out.”

Brent also weighed in on the drama, telling So Dramatic! that he’s going to leave the jabs for the fight.

“I won’t talk sh*t [or] try and taunt him,” he said. “I’m gonna keep it respectful, work on my businesses and handle [Daniel] in the ring.

“I called him out because he ran from Mitch and said he wouldn’t fight anyone from his season,” Brent added.

However, he also disclosed that Daniel is set to head up to the Gold Coast to “train with Mitch” ahead of the fight.

“He is going to be in his corner.”

What Else Has Happened In the Lead Up to Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes’ Fight?

Brent later turned up the heat following Daniel’s initial post during an Instagram Live after multiple followers asked him about his rivalry with his co-star.

During the Live, the 34-year-old urged people to forward him any “dirt” they have on Daniel.

“If there’s anyone who has dirt on Daniel, or he’s sending d*ck pics of that tiny little lettuce p*nis that he [has], send them straight to Olan [Tekkers], and I’m going to spill the dirt,” he said.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Taking to his Instagram Story in retaliation, Daniel said a fight was in order due to Brent “putting it out there”.

“Contact [Team Ellis Boxing], October 17th, let’s make it happen,” the TV groom jeered.

Daniel then went on to explain that Brent is the “only person” from MAFS 2022 that he’s “not a fan of”.

“Even after the show aired, this guy was making [Instagram] Live videos… asking his followers if they have any dirt on me and asking for naked photos of me, and it’s like, ‘who is this guy?’

“Why are you so obsessed with me, brah. Like, it’s insane.”

The intruder groom then claimed it was “evident” during filming that Brent wanted an influencer career rather than a relationship.

“It’s very obvious Tamara [Djordjevic] didn’t want a bar of you,” he said of Brent’s TV wife. “You made it very evident behind the scenes that you just couldn’t wait for your influencer career moving forward.

“So look, bro, 17th October, let’s do it.”

Daniel also shared a David vs Goliath-style image, which had been photoshopped to feature him and Brent.

Moments later, Brent accepted the challenge during (another) Instagram Live, alongside Al Perkins.

“Beautiful. It’s on,” he teased. “It’s gonna be fun.”

daniel brent mafs fight boxing
Brent accepted Daniel’s challenge during an Instagram Live. Source: Instagram @brentleon_.

Let’s hope the drama is just as entertaining as the last time two MAFS fellas went head to head at the boxing…

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