Ever since it first graced our feeds, Married at First Sight Australia 2022 grooms Brent Vitiello and Al Perkins‘ joint social media venture has been chaotic AF.

In early April 2022, So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that Brent and Al have both signed on with celebrity agent Benji Hart of talent agency The MGMT.

Now, our fave (figurative) father-son duo have kicked off their journey to social media stardom with a joint account titled The Life of Brent and Al and they have already dropped a number of hilarious episodes!

mafs brent and al
Brent Vitiello and Al Perkins have launched a joint social media venture. Source: Instagram @brentleon_

Al Got Half Naked On a Plane

In the latest instalment of their shenanigans, Brent took his “God Son” [sic] on a trip to Adelaide.

Continuing his habit of screaming in situations where you really, definitely, should not be screaming, Al recreated an iconic MAFS moment and yelled “INITATIONNNNNNN”.

Oh, and he was shirtless (hello!) and wearing a pilot’s hat whilst this was all occurring – WTF?

Everyone else on the plane was probably pissed but Brent found it funny, as did we.

We only have one request: next time Al is shirtless can Brent join too? Please and thanks.

“Brent’s Revenge”

In one of their earlier uploads, Brent HAD to get Al back for beginning a prank war.

Naturally, he did this by putting hot sauce and a FREAKIN’ LIQUID LAXATIVE in Al’s milk.

This is borderline evil lol.

In another clip, Brent decided to wreak havoc on Al in an attempt to test his “high pain tolerance”.

The mission? Give the cheeky tradie his first-ever underarm wax. Ouch!

“We’re about to wax Al’s armpit,” Brent revealed to the camera. “And he’s going to cry like a little girl.” And cry (or rather, shriek), he did!

In fact, the 25-year-old was writhing in discomfort as soon as Brent layered on the “f*cking hot” wax. But boy, was he in for the shock of his life when his bestie eventually ripped the wax strip off!

What Else Have Brent and Al Posted?

After teasing it for a hot minute, the MAFS hunks *officially* launched their page with… you guessed it: a shoe(y)!

In a cheeky TikTok uploaded on April 24, Al did for Brent what he never could for his MAFS bride Samantha Moitzi and cooked him a phat feed.

However, given that this is Al we are talking about, Brent’s brekkie omelette was made “with a little twist”.

For starters, it was made in a shoe because why TF not? (Germs, that’s why).

In addition to eggs, Al’s special recipe also contained mushrooms (the regular kind, don’t worry), tomatoes and *checks notes* a fizzy Guava Vodka Cruiser. French people everywhere are screaming right now.

Al served up his monstrosity masterpiece to his Godfather as well as their costar Ella Ding.

“That’s actually not bad you know,” Brent nodded his approval. “What did you put in this?”

Upon discovering that his “not bad” breakfast had, in fact, been made in a crusty old sneaker, Brent gagged. Same Brent, same.

Oh, and just as the piéce de résistance the video was set to the iconic and slightly unnerving tune of the Pink Panther theme song.

To keep up with all of Brent and Al’s post-MAFS shenanigans, make sure to follow the duo on both TikTok and Instagram (because just one platform would never be enough) at @thelifeofbrentandal.

What Else Do We Know About The Life of Brent and Al?

In an exclusive Patreon interview, So Dramatic!‘s Megan Pustetto spoke to TikTok star Daniel Olaniran — AKA Olan Tekkers — and he revealed some YUGE news. TBH he may as well be the MAFS boys’ social media advisor at this point.

After confessing that Al gets mobbed by people asking him to do shoeys on nights out, Olan joked that the cheeky tradie has to “soak up” the limelight while he can.

mafs brent and al
lBrent and Al are set to start a YouTube Channel. Source: Peter Petinos Photography.

“This is the peak for them,” he lamented. “[Brent and Al] are planning on going to England soon… they’re going to do a YouTube channel.”

Even MORE Brent and Al content? In the UK? Hook it up to our veins, pls and thx!

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