Former Gogglebox Australia star Angie Kent claimed The Challenge Australia 2022’s Ciarran Stott was a “narcissist” who repeatedly “love-bombed” her while they were on The Bachelorette Australia 2019.

The English “chav” was once a fan favourite when he first appeared on Angie’s Bachie season but has since drummed up numerous romantic scandals that pushed him off the public’s pedestal.

angie kent ciarran bachelorette
Angie Kent claimed The Challenge Australia’s Ciarran Stott was a “narcissist” who repeatedly “love-bombed” her while they were on The Bachelorette Australia 2019. Source: Ten.

The Bachelor in Paradise star has now been making headlines as one of the biggest (read: most controversial) names to be competing in the inaugural season of The Challenge Australia, alongside two of his exesJessica Brody and Kiki Morris.

Angie and her Two Girls One Pod co-host Yvie Jones admitted they were excited to watch the new survival series, seemingly hoping to see Ciarran get his comeuppance when faced with his former girlfriends.

Angie Kent Claimed Ciarran Stott Was a “Narcissist” Who Received a “Good Edit” on The Bachelorette

During her September 6 podcast, Angie admitted that she initially fell for his charming and “vulnerable” TV persona because “he knows how to love-bomb the sh*t out of you”.

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Love-bombing can be described as “excessive attention, admiration, and affection to make the recipient feel dependent and obligated to that person”, according to a licensed therapist for Cosmopolitan. Long story short, big yikes!

Angie also claimed he “shat on” his reputation after leaving the Bachelorette to go be with his “dying grandmother” (and instead reportedly “hooking up” with Renee Barrett in Darwin) and later appearing on Bachelor in Paradise.

ciarran bachelor in paradise
Angie warned that Ciarran was a narcissist who “shat on” his reputation by appearing in Bachelor in Paradise. Source: Ten.

She warned Jess and Kiki (and probs all of the other potential romance options that will appear on The Challenge) that Ciarran was a “narcissist” who would “say whatever he wants to get what he wants”.

But Yvie was hyped to see his exes group up to “get revenge” and “absolutely bollock him”. LOL!

As previously reported by So Dramatic!, Ciarran is now in a relationship with Ruby Burciaga.

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