Bachelor in Paradise‘s resident bad boy Ciarran Stott has revealed where things stand with ex-girlfriends Renee Barrett and Kiki Morris.

Renee and Ciarran initially dated on and off from 2018, way before either of them appeared on their respective Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons.

However, things soured when the English womaniser cheated on Renee, and this was the event that urged her to apply for Matt Agnew‘s season in 2019.

We never really got a glimpse into this unlikely pairing until they appeared on Bachelor in Paradise in 2020 and, hot damn did sh*t go OFF.

Fans of Angie Kent‘s Bachelorette season will remember a distraught Ciarran yeeting from the show after his grandmother died.

Yet in a damning bombshell on BIP last year, Renee revealed that her ex-beau actually quit the hit dating show to be with her. She even alleges that she picked him up from the airport upon his return!

Unsurprisingly, things were left pretty fractured between Ciarran and Renee (she previously chatted about the ordeal in episode eight of the So Dramatic! podcast), but the former super-spreader has now revealed that the exes have called a truce.

Bachelor in Paradise's resident bad boy Ciarran Stott has revealed where things stand between him and ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett in a tell-all interview.
Ciarran Stott says he’s “patched things up” with Renee Barrett since his time on Bachelor in Paradise. Source: Network Ten.

“I’ve patched some things up with Renee,” the 27-year-old said in episode 134 of the So Dramatic! podcast. “We’re all good together.”

He went on to explain that they’ve chatted “once or twice”, though it hasn’t been in much detail.

“I just apologised for things that had happened. We follow each other on Instagram,” he confessed. As as we all know, that’s the universal sign for people being #AllGood these days!

“I mean, she’s fine. She’s got a new fella up in Darwin. I’ve got my new girlfriend down here in Melbourne, so she’s, you know, amicable and respectful. That’s it.”

Has Ciarran Stott Spoken To Kiki Morris Since Their Breakup?

During the same season of Bachelor in Paradise, Ciarran found fame love with Kiki Morris.

The pair left Paradise early, albeit hand in hand, and their relationship went from zero to 100 real quick — i.e. Ciarran got Kiki’s lips and name tattooed on himself and they moved in together ASAP.

However, the hullabaloo was certainly premature, given that the striking couple barely made it to their three-month anniversary.

In episode eight of the So Dramatic! podcast, the Kiki revealed that our OG super-spreader was spreading himself a little thin while he was still with her! Yep, the reality star name-dropped fellow Bachelor alum Teneille Favios and US Bachelor star Demi Barnett as two of the women he was messaging during their relationship.

At the time of their split, they were planning to move in to their own place together, which left Kiki in a bit of a pickle.

“He basically left me homeless because I’d put my notice in for my apartment,” she said. My housemate had already moved out, the place we were looking to move into I couldn’t afford on my own, and he just up and left.”

Kiki Morris and Ciarran Stott dated for a short period of time following Bachelor in Paradise. Source: Network Ten.
Kiki Morris and Ciarran dated for a short period of time following Bachelor in Paradise. Source: Network Ten.

Now, Ciarran has revealed that he and Kiki haven’t been in touch since it all went down.

“I haven’t really spoken to Kiki since we broke up,” he admitted. “I just feel with everything that happened and me leaving and moving down to Melbourne… Just tried to wipe my hands of everything that happened.”

“I just wanted to try and forget it.”

When host Megan Pustetto asked Ciarran whether he will ever apologise to Kiki, he doesn’t believe she would “care about it”.

“I mean, I would,” he began. “She probably doesn’t care about it. I don’t know if it’d be a bit weird, me just reaching out and going ‘hey, sorry for what happened two years ago’.

“She might just think, ‘oh, what’s this guy doing?'”

Will Ciarran Stott Apologise To Kiki Morris?

Regardless of the mental roadblocks in his way, Ciarran admitted that an apologising Kiki weighs on his mind.

“Yeah, I definitely have thought [apologising]. But again, I don’t know… even if she doesn’t reply, I guess I’ll still have said something, you know what I mean?”

He added: “You know what? After this [interview], I’ll do that (apologise).”

Since recording the interview, So Dramatic! has been told that Ciarran has reached out to Kiki with an apology.

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 134 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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