Our OG CEO super spreader Ciarran Stott is handing over the reins to the other f*ckbois of Australia, announcing that he will never “be single again”.

During an exclusive interview with Megan Pustetto in episode 134 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Ciarran confessed that he had hung up his playa boots and was now “settled” and “happy”, admitting: “I don’t think I’ll be single again.”

A few weeks ago, we revealed that the 27-year-old was in a relationship with a woman named Ruby and during the chat when asked if she was “the one”, he said: “Yeh, definitely. I am really happy.”

After revealing that he had been battling substance abuse while filming Bachelor in Paradise, Ciarran, who fast became Australia’s most-loved TV personality of 2019 on The Bachelor, had a dramatic fall from grace.

“I’ve got my girlfriend in Melbourne and I’m settled, I’m happy and definitely looking back on it, it was a wild, wild time, but now I think I’ve changed for the better.”

How did Ciarran Really Feel About Being Called a Super Spreader?

Being our CEO super spreader did come with a certain je ne sais quoi, however, Ciarran admitted he deserved it and has now put it all behind him.

“The super spreading shoes have gone in the bin,” he joked. “I’m done. It was soul-crushing. Every time I was doing it, it was just a bit of my soul was just leaving me and I was like, this is getting old.

“I thought I was going to be this old, lonely guy,” he said. “And then Ruby came along and changed my mindset.”

ciarran bachelor in paradise
Ciarran has admitted after going wild on Bachelor in Paradise, he’ll never “be single again”. Source: Network Ten.

Ciarran Stott Received a Barrage of Hate on Social Media and in Public after Bachelor In Paradise

While So Dramatic! called him a “super spreader” — it was nothing compared to the barrage of severe hate he received online and in public.

“When it first happened, I was in a bit of a bad place and I was thinking, ‘God, I’ve gone from being on top to being below the bottom,’ he said. “I was like the lowest of the low for everyone, and I was like, ‘this really sucks. I’ve messed up big time.'”

He added: “So, from all that, it was horrible. I was getting messages. People telling me, ‘I’ll see you in the street, I’ll bash you, I’ll knock you out.”

ciarran stott
Ciarran received a barrage of hate online after Bachelor in Paradise and was even king-hit, putting him in hospital. Source: Instagram.

One person went as far as to physically hit Ciarran while he was out one night.

“I got the got King hit when I was out on Chapel Street once,” he revealed. “I ended up in the hospital and was in the hospital for like three days, with a little bit of swelling on the back of my brain and a fractured skull.”

How did Ciarran Stott and Ruby Meet?

Now, that his f*ckboi days are behind him, Ciarran is looking forward to a future with his bae — whom he met on social media (“Instagram or TikTok,” he said).

“She liked one of my pictures and I clicked on her profile and thought, ‘oh, she’s a bit of a sort, so we started chatting.”

According to Ciarran, Ruby didn’t meet up with him for two months “and made him wait”.

“I thought it was a bit different, but it was nice!” he admitted.

ciarran girlfriend
Ciarran has hung up his super-spreading boots for good. Source: Supplied.

After his mates tried to convince him he was being catfished, Ciarran went to pick Ruby up for dinner and audible “squealed in the car” when he saw her.

“I was like, ‘Oh my lord, she’s better than her pictures!'”

And of course, the rest, as they say, is history and his toxic behaviour? It’s long gone.

“I cook and clean now, I’m like a housewife,” he admitted.

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