The Bachelorette Sweden is currently airing and our favourite reality TV bad boy Ciarran Stott has already walked out on the experience.

So Dramatic! previously reported that the ex-Bachelorette star was trying his luck in finding love overseas. But while we know he’s already back on Aussie shores with a new girlfriend, we haven’t been privy to his Swedish experience.

Until now, that is.

The Bachelorette Sweden is currently airing and our favourite reality TV bad boy Ciarran Stott has already walked out on the experience. Source: Network Ten.

One loyal Swedish super sleuth has kindly filled us in on what went down when Ciarran left The Bachelorette Sweden and damn, we can’t say we’re surprised!

As reported in episode 133 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Ciarran left the show of his volition after revealing he didn’t feel anything for Julia Franzén.

“At the cocktail party he sits down with her and tells her that he feels like they’re just friends,” they said. “[He said] he’s too slow to open up for this process to work for him.”

The source revealed that while the Bachelorette agreed that things weren’t working, “it was actually very amicable”.

“They both laughed and she said ‘cheers mate!’ and then they clinked champagne glasses,” they said, adding that Ciarran got “zero screen time” during his time on the show.

The Swedish Bachelorette Julia Frazén agreed that she and Ciarran were just friends. Source: TV4.

Julia reportedly also booted Ciarran’s best friend in the house, AKA “the biggest fuckboy of them all”, during the same episode.

“TV4 [the network behind the series] have really done her dirty,” the super sleuth added. “Given her a cast of massive jerks who don’t respect women, it’s a real shame!”

Well, at least the bar for men is as low just as low overseas as it is Down Under!

Ciarran Stott Reveals Timm Hanly Was Also Asked To Go On The Bachelorette Sweden

In episode 134 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Ciarran revealed he got a “random email” asking him to fly overseas for the Swedish iteration of the hit dating show.

“I just got a random email and I was thinking, ‘I’ve got no ties to Sweden, why am I being asked to do this?’” he said.

According to the star, one of the producers on Angie Kent‘s season of The Bachelorette was from Sweden and was sent to recruit him and Timm!

“They wanted us both together,” Ciarran added, but Timm was in a relationship at the time.

Ciarran Stott Had No Idea What Was Going On While Filming The Bachelorette Sweden

Obviously, Ciarran doesn’t know how to speak a lock of Swedish. So it’s no surprise he was on the outs while filming The Bachelorette in Sweden!

“Some days the show was a bit boring, a bit difficult, because it would be all in Swedish,” he said. “So I’d just have to sit there and pretend to know what’s going on.

“I’d sit there between anywhere from two to six hours and it’s all in Swedish.”

Ciarran Stott Wreaked Havoc On The Set Of The Bachelorette Sweden

As reported in episode 130 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto revealed that a Swedish Drama Army member had given her the piping hot tea from the show.

According to our source, Ciarran spent a night with a girl from the Swedish Bachelor series — 28-year-old Armina Moradi.

“She came third on her season,” they said. “Then he flirted with two of the women that were sent home in the final three of the Swedish Bachelor.

The Bachelor Sweden contestant Armina Moradi, hooked up with Ciarran Stott. Source: TV4

The women talked about him later hooking up with one of them in a tell-all. The woman that the rumours were about answered with “I guess that is up to your imagination,” when asked what happened with her and Ciarran at the hotel.

In an episode called The Girls Reveal Everything (something we absolutely need here), Armina revealed: “He came to us when we were sunbathing. He swam past us many times. Obviously, he was interested. We had a nice evening.”

Ciarran Stott Reveals to So Dramatic! What Really Happened

“I met two of the contestants from The Bachelor [Sweden] that was filming whilst I was in the hotel,” he revealed. “Then we went out for dinner and drinks.”

ciarran stott
Ciarran “met two of the contestants from The Bachelor [Sweden] that was filming”whilst he was in the hotel. Source: Instagram.

According to Ciarran, they first filmed The Bachelor followed by The Bachelorette 10 days later in the same location.

“They put me in a hotel with all the girls who weren’t receiving roses from The Bachelor. They saw me on the beach and recognised me as they watch the Australian series in Sweden and they then approached me and asked if I wanted to join them for dinner and drinks.”

Did The Bachelorette’s Julia Franzen Find Out About Ciarran and Armina?

She sure did!

In a Q&A on Instagram, Julia revealed how she felt about Ciarran meeting Armina just before filming began.

Apparently, Julia did not know that it happened during filming, but since they were not in a relationship, “everyone can do what they want!”

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 133 and 134 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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