Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Carolina Santos has shared an explosive recording of her conversation with a producer, proving just how fake the marriage experiment this.

The intruder bride was held to account by fans and viewers alike after hooking up with Daniel Holmes behind her expert-appointed bae, Dion Giannarelli‘s, back.

Now, the 33-year-old has taken to her Instagram Story with never-before-heard recordings of a conversation in which Carolina begs producers to allow her to tell Dion about her relationship with Daniel.

After being “quiet for a long time”, the TV bride said she didn’t “want to keep this in any longer” for the sake of her “mental health and well being”.

“I tried with multiple producers prior to this conversation… about wanting to be upfront and honest with Dion,” she wrote, adding she wanted to “deal with the situation as she would on the outside”.

“As you will hear if it was up to me, things would not have been done the way it did.”

carolina mafs leaked recording producer
Carolina said she is opening up about producer interference for her “mental health”. Source: Instagram.

What Was Said In Carolina Santos’ Leaked Recording with a Married at First Sight Producer?

In the recording, an unnamed producer can be heard asking Carolina if she is “basing” her request — presumably to talk to Dion — on Jessika Power‘s MAFS experience in 2019, during which she “cheated” with Dan Webb.

jessika power dan webb
Carolina believed Jessika Power was granted opportunities to speak up about her “affair” in 2019. Source: Nine.

“She had someone to even talk about it with,” Carolina explained. “I literally have to keep it to myself the whole entire time.

“We’re not allowed to speak to people outside of the experiment. I’m not allowed to speak to people in the experiment. I literally have no one to even say, ‘Hey, this is what’s happening; what do you think? Like, what advice [do] you give me?'”

Adding that it was “really frustrating”, the mum of one said keeping Dion in the dark was “not the way [she] would have handled things on the outside”.

Carolina Santos Called Out the Producers for Leading On Both Her and Dion Giannarelli

The recording also revealed that Carolina told the camera that she would tell Dion about Daniel inviting her on a date. However, this was evidently scrapped due to it not fitting in with the producers’ desired storyline.

“They’re like, ‘No, you don’t want to tell Dion’,” she recalled before declaring: “I want to tell him like, now, how long am I going to drag this along for?”

The producer then said she would call the show’s then-executive producer Tara McWilliams to discuss Carolina’s game plan.

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“This is the plan that we have,” the intruder bride reiterated. “Do you accept it? Do you agree with it?

“You guys drag me along as well… Every time I said that’s how I would like to do it, I just get like, ‘Oh, it’s not up to me, it’s up to Tara’.”

Carolina Santos Slammed Married at First Sight for Falsifying “Reality TV”

Later in the recording, Carolina called out the show for going to extreme lengths to falsify the story.

“It’s not really reality anymore,” she can be heard telling producers. “Because it’s not doing the real thing that I would do.

“Then if it’s not going to be reality… at least run it by me so I can be like, ‘Okay, I think I’m okay to do that,’ because I think that way I can handle whatever hate comes my way.”

Carolina Santos Leaked a SECOND Conversation with Another Married at First Sight Producer

On September 26, Carolina faced her Instagram Story again and reiterated that producers compelled her not to speak to Dion about Daniel.

She then released a second recording that featured herself and a male producer, in which she said she wanted to speak to her TV hubby that day.

“I would also not like to blind Dion completely. I would like to invite him over or go over to his place and just say like, ‘Look, I’m really sorry but I knew from the get-go that you weren’t really for me and this [Daniel] kind of happened and I see a chance of finding love there’.

She continued: “I would like to kind of tell him one-on-one and I would actually love if that happened today.”

However, the producer halted Carolina’s plans, stating that again, it was not his decision.

“I definitely see your point of view but it’s not up to me… So you know, obviously you’re not allowed to say anything,” he said before the audio cut off.

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So Dramatic! has reached out to Carolina for comment.

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