Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s  Domenica Calarco has warned her co-stars that she will be sending cease and desist letters if they continue to call her “violent” and “abusive”.

ICYMI – The MAFS 2022 cast (and Abbie Chatfield, for some reason) have launched a media frenzy thanks to countless Instagram Story videos regarding Domenica being announced as the host of the upcoming online series Dom’s Debrief.

Olivia Frazer and Jessica Seracino both alleged the 29-year-old podcast host was “violent”, with the latter also describing her as “abusive”. Meanwhile, Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes called Domenica “toxic”.

Domenica Calarco mafs cast 2022
Married at First Sight 2022’s  Domenica Calarco has warned her co-stars that she will be sending cease and desist letters if they continue to call her “violent” and “abusive”. Source: Nine.

Now, the MAFS bride has shared several reply videos on TikTok and her Instagram Story.

In the footage, Domenica defended herself against the allegations and warned those involved that she may consider legal action.

Married at First Sight 2022‘s Domenica Calarco Directly Responds to Jessica Saracino’s Allegations of “Verbal Abuse”

Domenica took to TikTok on October 18 to directly address Jessica’s accusations, filming herself with the 28-year-old retail assistant’s statement behind her.

Jessica had alleged that Domenica “verbally abused and bullied” her, with other claims that Domenica “yelled abuse” towards her while she was in tears speaking to the MAFS experts.

“I can’t believe I have to respond to this. This is f*cking ridiculous,” Domenica said on TikTok.

“This boils my f*cking blood to no avail because I would never scream at a person or abuse them,” she said.

Domenica continued: “I’m sitting here shaking with rage right now and sweating because of the pure lies of this, oh my god [sic].”


I’ve had enough of being branded a ‘violent’, ‘abusive’ person. I’ve had enough. I never screamed at you when you were having a breakdown. STOP

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“Everyone was f*cking there, but of course, everyone who was there is going to say that I did this because they all hate me for some f*cking reason.”

In the TikTok comments, Domenica confirmed to a fan that she was seeking the cast’s emails to launch legal action against them for “defamation of character”.

Domenica Calarco Warns the Married at First Sight 2022 Cast That She Will Be Sending Cease and Desist Letters

The former makeup artist also shared a video statement to her Instagram Story on October 18. She hoped to address the several Married at First Sight cast members who have blocked her on social media.

“I’ve got no other way of contacting them because they all block me because they’re all f*cking scared of me apparently,” Domenica said. “They don’t want to have any form of communication because they can’t handle it.”

She continued: “Stop calling me violent. Stop calling me abusive. Because if you keep doing that, you’ll be getting a f*cking cease and desist in your inbox.

“I’ve got no other way of contacting you, so here you go. I hope all your little minions f*cking send this to you in your DMs. Understand?”

@sodramaticonline Domenica has responded to her co-stars responding to her claims that they are jealous of her! She has also threatened to take legal action after the MAFS 2022 cast labelled her “violent, aggressive, abusive and toxic.” 🤯 #mafs #mafsau #mafsaus #mafsaustralia #fyp #marriedatfirstsightau #marriedatfirstsight #mafs2022 #mafsau2022 #mafsaus2022 #mafsaustralia2022 #domenicacalarco #jessicamafs #oliviafrazer #ceaseanddesist #legalaction #realitytv #messytok #teatok #dramatok #mafsdrama #sodramatic #sodramaticpodcast ♬ original sound – So Dramatic!

In the video, she used an Instagram filter to add devil horns to her face, explaining the MAFS cast “all thought” she was “the devil anyways. She also wrote “she’s p*ssed” at the top of the screen.

In a separate Instagram Story Q&A, Olivia told fans that she wasn’t concerned about Domenica’s incoming legal letter.

Married at First Sight’s Domenica Calarco Shares Her Final Thoughts While at the Beach on Holiday

While lying on a beach in Western Australia later that day, Domenica shared her final thoughts on the current and past allegations against her.

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“My whole MAFS journey, I have been labelled by my cast as being violent and abusive because I stand up for myself, and I speak my mind, and I have an opinion,” Domenica said.

She continued: “There are women all over the world who are constantly told this as well and that are told they’re not good enough, that they’re not worthy.

“Like they shouldn’t be like ‘that’ because some people take that as violent and abusive, and this kind of language.”

Domenica stated that she wasn’t going to “put up with” being told how to express herself.

“I’m always going to speak my mind, and I’m always going to call out this bullsh*t.

“That’s all I have to say.”

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