Domenica Calarco has revealed what really “triggered” her prior to smashing a wine glass during a girls’ night at the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 Couples Retreat.

During the show’s ninth season, the 29-year-old shattered a glass on the table in frustration after Olivia Frazer repeatedly asserted that the Italian bride’s voice was too “aggressive”.

However, during the second episode of her and co-star Ella Ding‘s hit podcast, Sit With Us, Domenica has detailed that there was more behind her outburst than depicted.

According to the fan favourite participant, smashing the glass was her way to “protect [herself] from being hurt”.

“I regret smashing the glass with every being in me. And I wish I never did it,” she conceded. “Not because of what happened afterwards, but because that is not who I am.

“Yes, it was my action. It was my behaviour, but it’s not who I am to my core.”

Still reeling after terse words with Olivia and Carolina Santos at the preceding Commitment Ceremony, Domenica said she was “triggered” by a comment made by Carolina at the Girls’ Night.

“When it came to going to that level of being so petty, that is when I think the triggering of a lot of my past traumas really started to come out,” she explained.

carolina domenica glass smash mafs
A “petty” comment made by Carolina Santos (middle) set Domenica’s outburst in motion. Source: Nine.

Married at First Sight‘s Domenica Said She Feels Like Her Self-Worth Was In Question

During the June 15 episode of Sit With Us, Domenica likened the incident to being back in high school with bullies.

“I feel it really makes me emotional, even to this day, because that is the actual crux of making a person feel on the outside of a group feeling like they are socially isolated,” she said. “I think that is what really triggered a lot in me.”

domenica glass smash truth
Domenica revealed she felt like the incident brought back feelings of low self-esteem. Source: Nine.

The TV bride then recalled that “sh*t hit the fan” when Olivia began talking about her voice and how she spoke to her TV hubby, Jack Millar.

According to Domenica, she could see her “face change” after Olivia’s comments.

“I just saw that hurt, years of going through therapy to try and be okay with who I am, come back,” she confessed. “I think, in that moment, me smashing the glass was like, ‘I’m trying to deflect, and I’m trying to protect myself from being hurt’.”

Domenica Reveals That Married at First Sight Producers Encouraged Outspoken Behaviour

Domenica found herself amid many heated discussions at the Married at First Sight 2022 Commitment Ceremonies.

Despite particular co-stars telling her to pipe down, the TV bride confessed during her second podcast episode that outspoken behaviour was encouraged by producers. Shock horror!

mafs domenica and jack
Domenica revealed that the cast was encouraged to be outspoken at the Commitment Ceremonies. Source: Nine.

“They tell you that it’s a group environment where you do need to speak up and talk and speak your mind,” she admitted. “Even though the experts are there and are giving their advice, I think some people seem to forget that the commitment ceremonies are this team group forum for all of us to talk about our relationships.”

And TBH, if everyone sat there meek and quiet, what kind of entertainment would that be?!

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