Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has revealed she’s going overseas with a one-way ticket to the UK. However, her bae Jackson Lonie won’t be joining her while she travels.

Following Jackson’s pash with 20-year-old Hannah Hughes during a visit to his hometown on May 27, Olivia revealed that she would be heading overseas in the wake of the drama. While her trip was initially postponed due to contracting COVID, the TV bride is up and at ’em and is heading overseas this week.

Chatting exclusively to So Dramatic!, Olivia revealed that she was starting her “little holiday” on June 15.

olivia jackson mafs commitment ceremony
Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Frazer revealed she is travelling to the UK this week, albeit without her bae Jackson Lonie. Source: Nine.

“I’m off to see my besties in the UK,” she said, adding: “I also have a brother doing his PhD over there.”

Noting that it’s a “happy trip”, Olivia said she’s been “dying to go” overseas for quite some time.

“I wanted to go so badly for ages! I usually go every year but with COVID I couldn’t,” she told So Dramatic!. “[It’s] just a little holiday away from all this crazy. I also haven’t seen my friends and family since 2018.”

Olivia also revealed that she’ll be gone for “probably a month”, with the trip funded by her quick OnlyFans success.

“OnlyFans payout came in and obviously things are hectic at the moment, so I bought a bit of a spontaneous ticket.”

On June 2, just one week after launching her page, Olivia revealed via Instagram Stories that she had amassed just under 3,000 subscribers. As such, fans deduced that she would have made over $43,000, having had a subscription rate of $14.99 at the time. That number is expected to have grown exponentially since then.

What Else Has Olivia Said About Her Overseas Trip?

Olivia previously disclosed on her Instagram Story on June 13 that Scotland is her first stop, where she’ll visit her “best friend Malcolm“.

“I will be seeing my friends and family throughout the UK,” she said. “I don’t know how long, as it’s a one-way ticket. I’m hoping [Jackson] will come at some point.”

According to Olivia, Jackson is amid intense fitness training and as such, isn’t willing to “break his routine”.

olivia overseas jackson
Olivia revealed that Jackson will not be joining her as she travels indefinitely. Source: Instagram @olivefrazer.

Despite their indefinite separation by sea, Olivia “100 per cent” trusts her partner and quashed fans’ concerns of a breakup ahead of her trip.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of this thing… apparently millions of people do it every day. It’s called a long-distance relationship, and it’s only temporary,” she told her followers of her and Jackson’s relationship status.

Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Revealed She Fears for Her Safety During UK Travels

The TV bride also has fears far greater than Jackson cheating on her again, with the bride revealing she doesn’t want to be attacked during her impending trip overseas.

The former teaching student recently told Yahoo! Lifestyle that she hopes her fans outweigh her “haters” in the UK.

“I hope I have more fans there than I do haters,” she said. “Please don’t stab me at Heathrow.”

mafs olivia frazer onlyfans
Olivia revealed she had concerns over her safety ahead of her trip to the UK. Source: Nine.

She also revealed that she has received a number of messages from Married at First Sight fans in the UK, where the series has a cult following.

The controversial reality star, who has since made a foray onto OnlyFans, confessed that she’s a “Stratford Upon Avon girl to the core”, and is hoping to “go back” when she ventures back to the UK.

A Number of Sources Disclosed Olivia’s Travel Plans After Jackson’s Kiss

According to several sources, a notably (and understandably) “heartbroken” Olivia was slated to be jetting overseas in the wake of the shock drama.

On Sunday, May 29, a source revealed to So Dramatic! that Olivia had disclosed to family and close friends that she was “leaving the country tomorrow”.

Married at First Sight Olivia crying
Married at First Sight‘s Olivia was “heartbroken” after Jackson confessed he “hasn’t been happy for a while”. Source: Nine.

Yahoo! Lifestyle later confirmed this on Monday, May 30, after someone close to the TV bride revealed she would be staying with “relatives” for the foreseeable future.

Olivia then confirmed the news herself in a leaked DM sent to a fan, noting that she was “sickened” by the incident.

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