Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer believes Jackson Lonie was taken advantage of when he kissed another woman during a night out.

In jaw-dropping footage that emerged on Saturday, May 28, the 31-year-old was seen locking lips with 20-year-old Hannah Hughes at a local haunt, Lava Lounge, in Melbourne’s southeast on May 27.

A second woman has since come forward with claims that she, too, macked on with the TV groom the same night.

Olivia Frazer Jackson Lonie Married at First Sight Australia reaction
Married at First SIght‘s Olivia Frazer believes Jackson Lonie was taken advantage of when he kissed another woman. Source: Nine.

It was the kiss that stopped the nation and while the clip has probably crossed many MAFS fans since its release, Jackson’s bae Olivia is yet to see it.

However, as revealed in episode 189 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the 28-year-old reality star told a fan that her loved ones said “it’s obvious” that Hannah “took advantage” of Jackson’s inebriated state.

“I haven’t seen the video but my family and friends (who are very mad at Jackson) have all told me it’s obvious she took advantage of how drunk he was,” she penned in a leaked Instagram DM.

Adding that Jackson’s intoxication “isn’t an excuse” for his behaviours, Olivia noted that it’s “just a better indicator of what happened”. However, last time we checked, it takes two to tango!

Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Frazer Reveals That Jackson Lonie Was Escorted Home By Police

Following his party pashes, Jackson was allegedly escorted home by local police officers, according to Olivia.

“I knew he was blind drunk as the police brought [him] home to me very shortly after this as he couldn’t even speak,” she wrote.

In response to Hannah’s tell-all with So Dramatic!, the TV bride said she was “sickened” and is “leaving the country”.

olivia frazer jackson kiss
Olivia revealed that Jackson was escorted home by police. Source: Supplied.

Concluding her message, Olivia said there is a lot to “consider among the big life choices [she] is needing to make”.

Olivia’s decision to jet overseas was previously reported by So Dramatic! and further confirmed by Yahoo! Lifestyle on Monday, May 30.

“She’s now planning on heading overseas without [Jackson] to stay a while with relatives,” a source close to the couple said.

So, Are Olivia and Jackson Still Together?

In a statement to the Daily Mail on Saturday, May 28, Olivia said that she and Jackson were still together, even after his slip of the tongue.

“I have told him to have a big think about what he wants,” she said.

However, an insider told Yahoo! Lifestyle that “as of right now, they’re officially over”. GASP!

According to the source, Jackson “didn’t really apologise” for his party pash.

“Instead [he] said he hasn’t been happy for a while, which broke Olivia’s heart more,” they revealed.

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