Married at First Sight Australia 2022 fans have many questions after it was revealed that Jackson Lonie cheated on Olivia Frazer during a night out, including where TF this mindboggling incident took place.

In case you missed it (we’re sure you didn’t!) the 31-year-old TV groom was filmed amid a drunken pash with 20-year-old Hannah Hughes on Friday, May 27.

The scene of the crime was Lava Lounge, a bar-slash-nightclub located in Melbourne’s southeastern suburb of Berwick. And yes, it’s as seedy as it sounds.

When the damning footage emerged of the party pash, many fans commented on the fluorescent-lit setting, noting that it looked like the crowd was wrapping up a night at a disco held in a school gym. TBH, it’s not far from the truth!

One So Dramatic! super-sleuth who also happens to live in Berwick took to Instagram after the incident to give us the rundown on what to expect from Saliva — sorry, Lava — Lounge.

“This is the sleepy little town I live in 45 minutes away from Melbourne,” they penned. “[Jackson and Olivia] were seen at Bar 81 for dinner earlier. It’s the only nice place to eat out here.”

mafs jackson lava lounge kiss
Jackson’s party pash took place at Berwick’s Lava Lounge. Source: Instagram.

Earlier in the evening, Olivia shared a photo on her Instagram story of herself and her (possibly former) bae dining at a bistro and taphouse just down the road from the nightclub.

Jackson also posted a number of photos and videos throughout the evening, teasing a wild night with the “crew”.

Berwick’s Lava Lounge Doubles As a Seniors’ Venue

The So Dramatic! spy dished that Lava Lounge (AKA the adult equivalent of a Blue Light Disco) is Berwick’s “only nightclub” — if you can even call it that!

“This is the ‘club’ da boys were partying at. [sic]” they wrote. “I’ve been once and left in 15 minutes, they serve drinks from the seniors meals counter.”

They went on to add that the establishment “doubles as a seniors’ venue during the day” and dear Lord! You can’t make this sh*t up!

The fan also posted a photo of the location by day and wow, it looks like a totalllllll rager of a bingo afternoon… BTW, did anyone get “MAFS star cheats on partner at Lava Lounge” on their bingo card?

mafs jackson lava lounge kiss
Source: Instagram.

Based on the pics on the establishment’s Facebook page, the nightclub’s clientele doesn’t stray far from its daylight visitors, either.

In short, the nighttime vibe is mums gone wild meets kick-ons following the local footy club’s Over-40s presentation night.

See you there next Friday?!

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