Married at First Sight Australia’s Jackson Lonie has been caught KISSING another woman who is not his wife Olivia Frazer and dear Lord, we need Jesus.

In exclusive footage obtained by So Dramatic!, the MAFS groom can be seen holding a woman named Hannah Hughes by the waist before making out with her in the middle of a nightclub that just happened to have the lights on (??).

Hannah also had her arms wrapped around Jackson as they passionately locked lips for a total of five seconds.

The scandalous incident which was (thankfully ??) captured by an onlooker, took place at Lava Lounge nightclub in Melbourne on Friday night and we guess no one can blame the editing here.

Seriously, a MAFS producer couldn’t even script this if they tried…

Hannah spoke exclusively to So Dramatic! on Saturday morning, expressing that she did not know if Jackson and Olivia were still together.

“Yes, we kissed at Lava last night,” she said. “I didn’t even know if they were still together. I was just having a good night out I did not expect this.” Neither did we, Hannah, neither did we…

Before heading out that evening, Hannah posted a selfie with the caption: “Time to die.” Which in hindsight seems like some sort of omen because we can’t imagine Olivia taking this too well. Someone get this woman into witness protection ASAP!

Strangely enough, Olivia was with Jackson earlier in the evening at EightyOne Bistro and Taphouse.

A source tells So Dramatic! that Olivia went home after dinner and Jackson stayed out with his mates and continued drinking.

Jackson posted a video later in the evening, partying with three friends captioned: “Crews all here.”

It comes just two days after Olivia launched her OnlyFans account so unless this is some sort of role-play content for the platform, consider us officially #shook!

Oh, how we would pay to be a fly on the wall of Olivia and Jackson’s house this morning…

Domenica Calarco Has Labelled Jackson’s Hook-Up a ‘Publicity Stunt’

Just hours after the footage of Jackson making out with another woman went viral, Domenica Calarco had some choice words.

domenica mafs 2022 reunion
Domenica Calarco has claimed Jackson’s hook-up is a ‘publicity stunt.’ Source: Nine.

The outspoken bride labelled the kiss a ‘publicity stunt’ orchestrated by Jackson and Olivia’s publicist Max Markson.

“Max Markson publicity stunt right here,” she wrote in the So Dramatic! Podcast Facebook Group.

Domenica Calarco Has Labelled Jackson's Hook-Up a 'Publicity Stunt'

Her words, not ours!

Dom also shared her theory on Twitter, writing: “Kris Jenner works hard, but Max Markson works harder.”

Domenica Calarco Has Labelled Jackson's Hook-Up a 'Publicity Stunt'

Olivia Frazer Breaks Her Silence Following Jackson’s Hook-Up With Another Woman

Despite Domenica claiming the incident is a ‘publicity stunt,’ it appears Olivia may not have been privy to her publicist’s plans, telling Daily Mail on Saturday that she is “speechless.”

mafs 2022 olivia frazer
Olivia has said she is “speechless” over the kiss. Source: Nine.

The publication also described her as “devastated.”

More to come…

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