Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Jackson Lonie has further teased that his OnlyFans account with Olivia Frazer is on its way during a raunchy Instagram Q&A.

The pair have been hinting at the possibility of starting their own page on the adult-content website, even after Olivia outed her co-star Domenica Calarco for having a profile on the platform by distributing a racy image among the cast.

olivia jackson mafs 2022 final vows
Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer tease their foray onto OnlyFans. Source: Nine.

During his most recent Instagram Q&A, a follower asked the TV groom whether Olivia was making an OnlyFans account.

“Are you?” Jackson asked, panning the camera to his partner.

“Yeah, I’ve made one but I just haven’t set it up yet,” she responded. “We’re doing it.”

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Another fan wondered if the 31-year-old “will feature on Olivia’s OnlyFans”, to which the bride mused that people will “have to subscribe and see”.

One keen MAFS fan then questioned the pair on their “favourite sex [position]” and they wasted no time in giving their answers.

jackson olivia mafs onlyfans
Jackson also revealed his favourite sex position during the Q&A. Source: Instagram @jacklonie1.

To recap, Olivia revealed that her go-to is “Reverse Cowgirl” while Jackson loves “the Elephant”. And yup, Google is your best friend if you’re keen on more details about those ones…

Married at First Sight‘sOlivia Frazer Previously Teased Their Foray Onto OnlyFans

In what she called “Round 2” of her lengthy Instagram “Ask Me Anything” series, one follower wondered whether she and Jackson “are going to do OnlyFans”.

“I am absolutely not opposed to it,” she said on Wednesday, adding: “It’s good money. I don’t know… Maybe!”

The Central Coast local added even more fuel to the fire, posting a spicy video to Instagram of her looking fire in a white lingerie set.

It’s not the first time Olivia has alluded to kickstarting her own OnlyFans profile.

She recently told Daily Mail that she’s “been considering starting an OnlyFans account” with her bae.

“I’m not sure we will be doing it anytime soon, but it has definitely been discussed,” she said. “My personality is one that’s more likely to embrace OnlyFans and have an account than it is to ever shame someone [for having one].”

It wasn’t the only tea she spilled during her AMA, either.

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Olivia Clarifies What Her Wrist Tattoo Means

During Married at First Sight‘s broadcast, fans speculated that Olivia prematurely got a tattoo for Jackson while on the show.

However, thanks to a fan’s inquiry, Olivia revealed this wasn’t the case.

olivia mafs 2022 wrist tattoo
Olivia explains the meaning behind her wrist tattoo. Source: Instagram @olivefrazer.

“So, the tattoo on my wrist is a ‘J’, it’s actually for another Jackson,” she spilled, showing the camera.

The 28-year-old added that it’s in memory of a friend who “passed away during high school”.

Speaking of the coincidence she said: “It’s a full-circle moment, I think.”

Is There Another Reality Show Olivia Would Feature On?

Noting that she wouldn’t do anything else in the likes of MAFS, there is one series Olivia would like to try her hand at.

“Look, the only thing I would do… I’d probably do The Block with my brother,” she confessed. Olivia’s brother, Tommy, also so happens to be a fellow reality star, having been a lifeguard on Bondi Rescue.

However, she wants to steer clear of copping the villain edit next time she appears on TV.

“I’d comb through my contract like a psycho… And make sure I had a good edit!”

Olivia Recalls “Worst” Troll Encounter

One fan asked Olivia if she had ever been attacked following her MAFS appearance.

According to the reality star, the “attacks” began with people recording her in public and “saying mean things into the camera”.

She also detailed the effect trolls have had on her loved ones.

oliva frazer attacked mafs 2022
Olivia recalled being “verbally assaulted” after MAFS. Source: Instagram @olivefrazer.

“Even my friends have had to go to the police because of some of the trolls that have been going for them over social media,” she explained. However, there’s one incident that sticks out in her mind.

“The worst one was people… found my address,” she recalled. “A car full of women came and verbally assaulted me while Jack was working.”

Olivia Says Married at First Sight Is 100 Per Cent Responsible for Poor Mental Health

“Do you think MAFS plays a part on mental health due to the major editing they do?” one fan of Olivia’s asked.

“They don’t play a part,” she bluntly responded, adding that producers are “fully responsible” for the pain caused.

“100 per cent responsible,” she reiterated before backtracking: “Actually, no. I’d say they’re 99 per cent responsible, then the other one per cent are trolls.”

Olivia Responds to Being Called Out Over Insensitive Comments

**Content warning: The following discusses traumatic events, genocide and suicide, and may be distressing to some readers.

Following the airing of the Couples’ Retreat, Olivia faced mass criticism over comments about “passing the cyanide” and “drinking the Kool-Aid”.

One follower resurfaced the insensitive comments during the Instagram Q&A, telling Olivia that “it was so immature”.

“So, the cyanide comment was really dark. I was referencing Jonestown,” she acknowledged.

Olivia’s mention of ‘Jonestown’ is referring to ‘The Jonestown Massacre’ which was the single largest loss of American life until 9/11.

In 1978, cult leader Jim Jones led 918 individuals to their death by convincing them to drink a flavoured drink laced with cyanide and other chemicals as part of a “revolutionary mass suicide” at a remote compound in Guyana. Of those who died, 71 per cent were Black.

Olivia referenced the devastating events while Domenica issued an apology to the group for smashing a glass.

Olivia concluded her Instagram Q&A by offering “apologies to anybody who lost loved ones in Jonestown”.

“It’s not a funny joke, but I was referencing the… ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ because it felt like everybody was being brainwashed at that party.”

Married at First Sight’s Olivia Not-So-Subtly Takes a Jab at Her Co-Stars

When asked whether MAFS is “fake”, Olivia was quick to let everyone know what she really thought.

“My relationship [with Jackson] isn’t fake,” she confirmed. “But a lot of the other relationships are fake.”

Giiiiirrrrl, you may as well name names while you’re at it!

Fans have since speculated that the bride was referring to Domenica and Jack Millar, in the wake of Domenica’s own subtle Instagram jeer.

Olivia also offered advice to any future MAFS participants.

“My advice for future MAFS contestants is, ‘Don’t do it… Run!'”

During the Instagram Q&A Olivia also made the shocking revelation that she and Jackson had COVID whilst filming the MAFS Reunion. Say what?!

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