Married at First Sight Australia 2022 troublemakers Daniel Holmes and Olivia Frazer have taken another swipe at Domenica Calarco and the infamous OnlyFans scandal.

On Saturday, Daniel and Olivia, as well as their respective partners, Carolina Santos and Jackson Lonie, enjoyed a night out at Karen’s Diner in Sydney.

The popular establishment boasts waitstaff who are extremely rude to customers — AKA acting like “Karens” — which seems like a perfect fit, TBH…

In reference to Olivia’s involvement in the OnlyFans scandal and her recent comments about starting her own page, staff bestowed a paper bag on the bride’s head, reading: “Subscribe to MY OnlyFans!! (I need the followers).”

Daniel and Olivia then shared the interaction to their Instagram Stories. Daniel urged people to follow Olivia, while the contentious bride mused “OF by Olivia Frazer coming soon…”

olivia karens diner mafs
Olivia and Daniel jeered that the former’s own OnlyFans account was on the way. Source: Instagram @olivefrazer.

Naturally, fans were ticked off about the brazen jabs and slid into the stars’ DMs.

Married at First Sight‘s Daniel Holmes Defends “Karen’s” Post

In response to the people in his DMs, Daniel took to his Story to absolve himself of “any part in” the Karen’s stint

“To all the crazies messaging me about this,” he penned. ” We went to a restaurant called [Karen’s Diner] where the theme is rude service, jokes etc.

“One of those jokes the staff did was to come up and put this over [Olivia’s] head. [It] was a funny thing that none of us had any part in, chill out.”

daniel holmes karens diner domenica mafs
Daniel took to his Instagram story to defend his involvement in the Karen’s Diner drama. Source: Instagram @_danielholmes_.

He then intimated that it wasn’t a big deal considering they didn’t have “a party dedicated to bullying another or anything”. This was in reference to Domenica’s Married at First Sight viewing party, where she displayed a poster reading: “We don’t serve Olivias. [sic]”

However, fans suggested that posting photos of the Karen’s Diner interaction perpetuated unnecessary drama and bullying.

The 30-year-old later shared a screenshot of a message thread with 2021 pest Bryce Ruthven. In the chat, the former TV groom called out Domenica for asking him “how to make the most of being a villain“.

bryce ruthven comment daniel domenica
Bryce Ruthven also weighed in on the drama. Source: Instagram @_danielholmes_.

Daniel captioned the screenshot: “If only you people knew the truth.”

He later reiterated on his Story that the group “had nothing to do with [the paper bag joke], it was only about Olivia [and] no one else”.

Domenica Calarco Hits Back at Married at First Sight Co-Stars

Domenica later shared her own private interaction with Daniel to Instagram, in which she responded to his Karen’s Diner post.

She wrote over the image: “I’m at a point now where no matter what I do, this sh*t follows me. I don’t follow these people, it lands in my DMs and I have to know about it.

“Stop posting about it, stop talking about it. It’s over and done with.”

The 29-year-old then confessed that she “hates” that she is still needing to address the drama.

Posting another snap of herself “living her best life”, Domenica said she’ll continue to work with “incredible brands, spreading a message of love not hate”.

The fan-favourite bride also addressed the drama in the So Dramatic! Facebook group.

“Guys, I’m truly starting to reach my limit,” she penned. “My therapist calls it exposure therapy but how much of this petty bullying can I take[?]

“I just can’t take it anymore.”

domenica comment daniel olivia post

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